Fendi Monster Wallet Ebay

Fendi Monster Wallet Ebay

"I think it's wonderful if you're into gaming," says Judy Slosek, who brings her son and his friends to GameStop on a regular Fendi Handbag Shop Online

Fendi Monster Wallet Ebay

Fendi Monster Wallet Ebay

"One of the complaints within GameStop stores is that there's not much space," says Paul Paterakis, area manager with GameStop, "so we needed to up our game. It was all about the customer in that area."

Video game giant GameStop has opened a new location in the Latham Farms Shopping Center, and the store is the first of its kind in the area. The new store is designed to be family friendly, and to give customers more room to move around, research games, and even try them out before making a purchase.

Fendi Monster Wallet Ebay

Customers won't be Fendi Chain Crossbody

basis. "This proves that they were a success, or they wouldn't have needed a bigger store."

Fendi Monster Wallet Ebay

getting the full experience if they come in, pick something off the shelves, and leave. Interaction is the name of the game, with tournaments and Fendi Card Case Monster

Fendi Monster Wallet Ebay

training sessions scheduled. Following the store's October 17 grand opening, tournaments were scheduled almost every day, ranging from modern warfare games like Call of Duty, to a little less intense tournament such as Wii Bowling for seniors. Those full schedules are available to customers at the store. GameStop will also hold Entertainment Software Rating Board sessions, where parents will have the chance to learn about the content inside the games, and whether they are appropriate for their kids.

Over the years, those customers have taken on different shapes and sizes. The company, like most gaming franchises, started out primarily focused on the dedicated gamer. Now, companies like GameStop are focusing on families, young kids, and even grandparents. Puzon says families are realizing that a night in with a good game can be cost effective, and even better, can be a fun alternative to leaving the house.

"I think it's amazing. I've never seen one this big, and I think it's great, the quality and the quantity going on in here. I can find anything I need here now."

´╗┐Interactive game store opens

Fendi Monster Wallet Ebay

Despite a plethora of Fendi Monster Wallet Ebay electronic distractions, the bigger and better store will also have the staff it needs to keep customers happy. Having the payroll to support bigger crowds is an important feature, according to Paterakis.

"We're gamers, and we're customers of the store, too. We know what we're talking about and are very knowledgeable. It reminds me of walking into a five star hotel, and having a bunch of people lined up just ready to assist you."

"This is a concept store," says Paterakis. "What they are going to see here is true interactivity through the store."

Fendi Monster Wallet Ebay

Company officials hope they will see double the amount of customers due to the location and advances in gaming technology. For people like Siena College freshman Matt Mysliwiec, who got a sneak peek at the store during a night time unveiling, there's plenty to keep him coming back.

Company officials recently acquired the space near the Wal Mart, across the shopping center from their previous, packed in location. The new store is double the size, and has all the bells and whistles that gamers, and even first timers, would want. Four gaming stations are located in the middle of the store, with a wide variety of games to choose from and play. The store also has an interactive touch screen display, where customers can easily research games by name, genre, rating, or even the company that produces the game.

Fendi Monster Wallet Ebay

Fendi Monster Wallet Ebay

"We called this our store of the future," says Bob Puzon, Regional Manager for GameStop. "Now, guess what? We're there. We've opened up ten of these. It's been extremely successful. We get a lot of our ideas from the customers in the store."

"You look at family time now versus being able to go to a movie. The movie's done in three or four hours. You can keep a game three to six months, or for a year, where they have to play through from beginning to end. It's turned into a pretty big deal," says Puzon. When those families enter the new Latham store, there will be more family oriented games towards the front door, and company officials hope that will keep potential buyers in the store for a longer time.

Fendi Monster Wallet Ebay

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