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"Talent alone isn't enough."

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It's like golf in that way, and it is why the Europeans typically kick the American's butts every four years in the Ryder Cup competition: What is important is not that one grow sup on or near the plushest golf course in the world, just that one grow up on or near any kind of golf course.

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To be really good at something, you've got to do it a lot. You've got to ski, not sit around and talk about it. At Perfect North, Goepper could make as many as 100 runs in a day. When he wasn't skiing, he was watching skateboarding and skiing videos, copying tricks and devising his own.

How does a 19 year old who spent the ages of 5 to 15 on the 400 foot drop of Perfect North Slopes, before being awarded a scholarship to attend the $40,000 a year Windell's Academy at Mount Hood in the Cascade Range in Sandy, Ore. women's gymnastics team in the 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta.

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"Out west, you typically live at least 90 minutes away," Doll said.

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What is slopestyle skiing, anyway?

the slopes aren't open until 9 o'clock at night during the week and 1 o'clock in the morning on weekends," Linda Goepper said. "They Fendi Handbag Bluefly

"(Nick) has that Midwestern humility," and he's articulate and very good on TV, observed Tim Doll, director of guest services at Perfect North Slopes. "He's a great representative of this area, the Olympics and slopestyle skiing."

Last Wednesday, Goepper who grew up in Hidden Valley, Ind., attended East Central High School, did most of his early skiing at Perfect North Slopes in Lawrenceburg, cross trained at the Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy in Fairfield and has trained at the Sweatt Shop in Blue Ash was interviewed by David Letterman. on NBC.

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Nick Goepper becoming media darling

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When Nick's mother, Linda, was asked for some examples of her son's drive, two stood out: She would pack him a lunch when he headed for Perfect North on Saturday and Sunday mornings , and when she picked him up at 12 hours later, he'd always come out with his lunch and wind up eating it in the car on the way home. He had spent all day on the slopes, rarely going inside the lodge. And when the lines for the lift were too long for waiting, he and a friend or two would duckwalk the 10 minutes to the top of the hill, skis over their shoulders. When necessary, he'd do the same on weekdays, skiing five hours a day. Talk about getting a quad burn going.

might have some runs lighted out west, but typically they close at dark, 4 or 5 o'clock Fendi Peekaboo New in the afternoon."

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"Slopestyle skiing is a brand new sport in the Sochi Winter Olympics," Goepper said. "It's a lot like skateboarding. It's a big, long run, and you've got a series of obstacles ranging from jumps and rails, and you've got to fly off these big jumps and do a bunch of flips and then land on the snow again. And then grind on these rails, kind of like on a skateboard and spin around on those. And then, when you get to the bottom of the run, the judges give you an overall impression score."

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"Everybody (on the circuit) has technique," he said. "I try to make up the difference with creativity and imagination. There's still that element to it in (slopestyle). You put your own stamp on (a trick)."

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Didn't anybody ever tell you, Nick, to stick to the sports that have distinguished Greater Cincinnati? Baseball, football, even basketball (you're a Hoosier, after all, from Southeastern Indiana, to be specific) and, in the Summer Olympics, archery, gymnastics, boxing, swimming and track.

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FILE In this Dec. Grand Prix World Cup slopestyle freestyle skiing finals in Frisco, Colo. Goepper road to the Olympics began in rural Indiana, where he rang doorbells, offering neighbors to do odd jobs for a buck or two. Small victories that helped the freestyle skier raise money for goggles and skis. It also convinced his parents that he had the passion for this venture. Winter Olympics team. The fact that he is from Greater Cincinnati is the equivalent of the headliner of the Summer Games hailing from the North Pole.

´╗┐Indiana Olympian Fendi Light Bulb Tote

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The advantage that Goepper had compared to kids growing up out west was that he lived less than a 10 minute drive from his local ski slope.

"And Fendi Handbag Brands

Lawrenceburg freeskier Nick Goepper, 19, talks about the new Olympic sport of slopestyle.

"He'd come home exhausted," recalls Linda, "and then go back the next morning and do it again."

Here's Goepper explaining it to Letterman:

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