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He had previously staged a solo rooftop protest in November 1986 while on remand on the robbery charge.

Visits to prisoners and hostages were stopped. Earlier there had been emotional scenes when the wife of a protesting prisoner had turned up outside the prison walls complete with a baby in a pushchair.

Fendi Wallet With Eyes

The flocks of journalists covering the story from the doorstep of the prison were moved out of shouting range, 300 yards or so down the road from the jail entrance.

"You are only making it worse for yourself. Please come down. Ronnie, I love you," she shouted through tears to her husband. "You are going to get hell. Think of the weans."

The protesters claimed that he had been beaten with sticks and gagged to muffle his screams.

on 10 January."

They shouted and screamed abuse at their jailers, the world in general and governor Andrew Gallagher in particular.

So Andrew was given up in return for food for the other two hostages and the rioters. He was reunited with his wife and examined by Fendi Peekaboo Adele

Fendi Wallet With Eyes

One read, in a reference to the governor, "Gallagher is brutality". A second read "to the death" and the third said "Sammy Ralston was tortured".

Ralston's mother travelled to the jail to see him, convinced that if he was all right, she "could tell the boys on the roof". She was not allowed to do so.

They also hung sheets over the walls and between the chimneys with slogans like "Slasher Gallagher" and "brutality". On the second day, the Scottish Office named the three officers being held: David Flanagan, 28, Fendi Monster Bag Green

Fendi Wallet With Eyes

"The incident concluded with the surrender of a core group of 12 inmates at 09.28 Fendi Top Handle Tote

"During the incident massive damage was done to the hall, staff were trapped in cells and other areas, fires were started to try to burn staff out of cells and five staff were taken hostage.

It was the sort of touch you might have expected in a Victorian melodrama, not during a potentially deadly siege.

Fendi Wallet With Eyes

It was said negotiations for their release were being conducted with the inmates who had earlier trapped 41 officers on the top floor of B hall.

Convicts in balaclavas or improvised hoods with eyeholes cut into them, sometimes made from blackened pillowcases, roamed the roof tossing down slates to the great danger of anyone on the ground.

Fendi Wallet With Eyes

"On 5 January 1987, following a number of seemingly unrelated incidents during the day, a major incident began in B hall, holding convicted prisoners, at 19.35 hours which was not resolved till the morning of 10 January.

THE language of Her Majesty's Inspector of Prisons in their report was cool and to the point.

a medical man. Andrew told his colleagues that he had not been physically harmed.

´╗┐In 1987 prisoners blamed brutality behind bars for riot

Andrew Smith, 23, and John Kearney, 40.

The rioters had control over the top floor of B hall, hence the easy access to the tiles.

Earlier in the day, soup and sandwiches had been sent in for hostages and their captors alike. But as the cold January hours passed, something a little more in the way of what Glaswegians would call a meal was required.

Fendi Wallet With Eyes

Fendi Wallet With Eyes

By the third day, 26 inmates were holding the three officers hostage.

"In the event, two of the hostages were freed or freed themselves within a very Fendi Wallet With Eyes short time and the others were released on 8 and 9 of January respectively.

Fendi Wallet With Eyes

Surrender. A nice word but, for many long hours during the longest siege in Scottish prison history, it seemed impossible.

The 16 inmates barricaded in B hall agreed to release Andrew, Smith one of the three officers being held hostage. This was in return for a promise of food.

Her husband shouted back from the roof: "Don't worry about me. I will be all right. Worry about the weans."

The prisoners claimed brutality behind bars had sparked the riot and the theme was echoed in the three banners that were hanging from the upper parts of B hall.

The next day brought some real hope for the first time that the siege might end.

Fendi Wallet With Eyes

Fendi Wallet With Eyes

These three and two others had barricaded themselves in a cell on the third floor of the hall to escape the violence of the disturbance on the first night. But the prisoners had broken into the cell and grabbed them, though the other two were released unharmed.

Fendi Wallet With Eyes

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