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A regional site for the southwest coast was supposed to be in place by now, but communities say that delayed responses from government departments have left them unable to move the process forward.

next week

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their heads in disbelief.

"If they want to close the incinerator, they can tell us where they want the garbage dropped off," he said.

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The council agreed the town should not reply to Minister Johnson's request for more details, or waste town staff's time on the matter.

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The town believed it had finally made a breakthrough with the environment department in May when agreeing to consider the site of the current Port aux Basques incinerator as a regional dumpsite. The town had written to government asking for funding to proceed with studies on the site's suitability.

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Mayor Button Fendi Elite Wallet said there was clearly a communication breakdown between the environment department and municipal affairs, the other department responsible for facilitating development the new site.

"The only reason we're in this mess is because the government allowed a handful of people to hijack this," said Coun. Merrigan.

The town wrote to the department on April 22 asking for an extension on use of its incinerator.

are proceeding expeditiously so that the extension will be very short," wrote Minister Johnson.

In her letter, Environment Minister Charlene Johnson said officials with her department would like to "discuss the timeframe for geo technical and hydro geological investigations" of the newest proposed site, where the incinerator currently operates.

every reason to complain there. The Codroy Valley has enough at stake without putting a dump right in the middle of it. There is too much to preserve there being one of the most beautiful places on the island.

´╗┐Incinerator permit expires Fendi Handbags Logo

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He said one hand doesn't know what the other is doing, and suggested the town let the process run its course.

Coun. Merrigan has been dealing with the issue on behalf of the town council. He said he was insulted to hear the minister's response after the ongoing delays over the past six months. He said the government already paid consultants $85,000 to identify a site in Doyles that was then disqualified because of community outcry.

The town's permit to operate the incinerator will expire on June 30.

"I will consider an extension once I have a comfort level that you have in place concrete plans to close your incinerator and that these plans Fendi Dotcom Tote

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Councillor Gerard Merrigan agreed.

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There was laughter coming from Port aux Basques Town Council Chambers Wednesday as councillors read a letter from the Department of Environment and Conservation.

"Are we the only people involved in this process?" asked Mayor Brian Button aloud after the letter had been read. Other councillors were snickering and shaking Fendi Handbag Polyvore

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