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´╗┐Injury failed to stop striker

That's an understatement. Martinez led the Lady Mustangs this season to the farthest point the program has gone, the Class 5A regional semifinals, while leading the Rio Grande Valley in scoring with 37 goals.

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"We worried about it, certainly," Kaiser said of the injury that took away Martinez's freshman season and hindered her sophomore year. "We wondered if she'd ever be as quick or as fast or do the things we thought she was capable of as a freshman.

Once Martinez returned to full strength, opponents were put on notice. She scored 30 of her goals during District 31 5A play, and she has moves for days. Defenders were in for a long night when they saw No. 10 lining up across from them.

Kaiser said Martinez lost some speed and quickness her sophomore year, but he saw that return this season.

"She has the potential to be even better. She'll have to work even harder and come up with even more things to overcome," Kaiser said. "It will be interesting to see what she comes up with and what we can come up with for her.

And as much technique and skill that takes, Kaiser said those attributes aren't even the strongest part of his star's game. It's her ability to locate her opportunities.

So far, one of her goals has been Fendi Monster Backpack Bag reached. She wanted to score 30 goals this season, and she did, and then some. Now it's on to her senior campaign, where Martinez knows she and her team will have large targets on their backs. As it was, she was triple teamed consistently this season. There's no telling what next year will bring.

has yet to come.

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"It's not about how hard you hit it, it's about where you hit it, and this year she really bought in, finding the corners and side net."

It's no coincidence that it came during a season in which she has rarely felt stronger.

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Fendi Monster Backpack Bag

Martinez always has been a natural striker. Since she started playing soccer at the age of 4, she has been her team's best scorer. But change of direction and pace have been key ingredients to her attack, hence hers and Kaiser's concerns about a devastating knee injury.

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"You try to be optimistic, but you worry about them never reaching that potential again. Fortunately, she got that feel back and she's like her old self."

don't just set out to be the Valley's top scorer. I guess I've just had it in me," she said. "I've been playing for a while and I'm very passionate about the sport. When I grow up, this is what I want to do. I want to play soccer, hopefully for Team USA."

"She looks for spots," he said. "A lot of times you get forwards who have a strong leg, but it's really the ones who know how to pick the spots that stand out. She's been able to do that.

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Just take a look at the complexity of one of her favorite moves with the ball: cut inside, cut back outside, fake whichever way the defender is leaning, quickly dribble back the opposite way, bring the ball back, cross over, and shoot.

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Martinez said the game is in her blood.

"This year was the first year since my injury that I really felt I was back to who I was," Martinez said. "I thought I wouldn't come back the same, and a lot of people felt the same way. I knew if I wanted to be who I was before my injury, I'd have to work for it.

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"Once she got that confidence back, everything snowballed from there," Kaiser said. "Getting that back was huge, as far as trying new things and for her to keep challenging herself."

"I did that. And now I feel that work is paying off. I'm back."

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