Fendi Chameleon Clutch

Fendi Chameleon Clutch

"Everyone is in search of the least traumatic way to successfully do ACL surgery. I think this procedure is proving to be that technique. It allows the surgeon to place a ligament into the knee that is an ideal anatomical fit to what was there before, and allows us to customize the ligament into the footprint of the knee better than most other techniques," says Dr. Bowen. "I'm very pleased with what it is allowing me to do for my patients and the positive results so far."

"We take the bigger of the two hamstring tendons and quadruple it by looping it around two tapes and sewing the tendon to itself," explains Dr. Bowen. "It's a very strong construct. We insert the four stranded graft into the knee by suspending it from two tapes, and implanting it into bone sockets prepared in the femur and tibia."

´╗┐Innovative Technique for ACL Reconstruction Speeds Recovery

By Susan J. White and Jim Anthony

Fendi Chameleon Clutch

The tapes are secured Fendi Bag Official

Fendi Chameleon Clutch

into the bone with a screw, which is a tremendously strong fixation, adds Dr. Bowen. The overall fixation of the graft is superior to other hamstring techniques.

This technique is also an excellent choice for children who are still growing as it is less likely to injure the growth plates around the knee.

While surgical treatments to repair torn ACLs have improved over the last 25 years, a new innovative technique Fendi Bag Classic

are related to the use of an arthroscope, which allows surgeons to see in the knee while inserting a replacement graft in the best anatomical alignment. Traditionally, grafts have been taken from the patient's own patella tendon in the knee, which is often painful and has a prolonged recovery, or from two of the patient's hamstring tendons, which are more difficult to secure and fix in bone. Donor tissue grafts have also become popular in recent years, but have a much higher rate of re tearing and frequently don't provide the best long term results, says Dr. Bowen.

called CoLS, now gives patients an enhanced option with less trauma to the body and stronger reconstructive results.

Fendi Chameleon Clutch

Fendi Chameleon Clutch

"Patients have less pain and they are on their feet and off crutches sooner," says Dr. Bowen. "They generally have less difficulty the first couple of weeks following the surgery."

Fendi Chameleon Clutch

The benefits of staying active are undeniable, however as more children, teens and adults take part in sports like soccer, basketball, skiing and other athletic endeavors there has also been an associated rise in sports related injuries.

Fendi Chameleon Clutch

Injuries to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) in the knee have resulted in more than 200,000 ACL surgeries being performed in the United States each year. The ACL is a major ligament in the knee connecting the femur and tibia bones, and helps to control rotational stability of the knee.

Advances in ACL procedures in the last two decades Fendi Yellow Handbag

The new CoLS technique uses just one of the patient's own hamstring tendons, providing a significant advantage over the traditional method of harvesting two tendons less trauma to the body and quicker healing and recovery.

Fendi Chameleon Clutch

Fendi Chameleon Clutch

NorthShore University HealthSystem (NorthShore) orthopaedic surgeon Mark Bowen, MD, is one of the original and now growing number of surgeons in the US performing this technique, which was invented in Belgium and developed in France.

Fendi Chameleon Clutch

Dr. Bowen has already performed over 300 of these Fendi Chameleon Clutch procedures and now teaches other American surgeons the advanced technique. He is also a member of the French study and advisory team working to assess and continually refine the innovative procedure.

Fendi Chameleon Clutch

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