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Since a slow fall and Christmas, interest has grown, as people see the building go up. "It's picked up enormously. We're really busy."

Realtor Jason Exner has noticed a slowing in the townhouse market, which could be a result of more supply in the condo market.

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According to the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver, prices for Maple Ridge condos and townhouses have dropped over the last five years. Condo or apartment prices have dropped 14.9 per cent and townhouses have dropped eight per cent.

housing in good locations.

He said Maple Ridge's downtown plan, which tries to create a walkable, eco friendly community, also brings in buyers. People appreciate green space and people friendly urban design and will buy to be part of that.

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However, the sales to active listings ratio currently sits at 12 per cent in Greater Fendi Clutch Bag

The builder of an apartment project at the bottom of 224th Street received a $31,094 incentive grant, while the condo building at the corner of Lougheed Highway and 223rd Street got $40,484, and the apartment building on Edge Street and 120th Street got $47,076.

Despite a slower housing market, people are still buying.

The renovations to Haney Place Mall, the arrival of Thrifty's and Target, are drawing people to the area.

of development cost charges builders have to pay for residential projects.

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Formosa agrees the incentive plan may be sparking builders to start their projects sooner, but he disagrees there's an over supply.

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The enticements are having an effect.

´╗┐Incentive grants still kickstarting condos

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The same goes for Fendi Bag Clutch the condos themselves.

But in the last weeks there's definitely been more activity, she added.

More than $77 million of building projects have been issued since the program began in 2011 and started changing the face of the downtown.

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Vancouver, a two per cent increase from last month. It's the first time this ratio has been above 11 per cent since June 2012, says the real estate board.

"You just do a little bit more and then they'll notice it and they'll actually pay for it and then they'll move.

Realtor Debbie Shepherd says the prices in the last year may have dropped more on condos and townhouses than single family homes because there are so many.

Target's renovations to the old Zellers store in Haney Place Mall will get an incentive grant of $11,409, while the builder of a condo project at 11580 224th St. will get $46,191.

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Maple Ridge council has been doling out the cash to developers who, in turn, are remaking the face of downtown.

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"I think the housing market in Maple Ridge has been getting better, so people are feeling better."

The first of two buildings on the site, only about half built, has already 16 of 59 units sold, with four more in the process. The second building will bring the total complement of suites to 96.

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The grants come from refunds of 10 per cent Fendi Iphone Plus Case

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The money is part of the downtown incentive program, in which the District of Maple Ridge speeds applications, offers permit and property tax discounts, as well as outright cash grants.

Two more grants got council approval at its Tuesday meeting.

"If you have a good location and good quality things that people want, then you're going to sell because people want your product."

However, the last year has seen only marginal price changes.

"So I think that's going to make it better."

Residential sales in Greater Vancouver also dropped 29 per cent when February 2011 and 2012 are compared.

Fred Formosa, who's building Falcon Centre across from Thrifty Foods, says there is a market for good quality Fendi Peekaboo Purse

Another $50,000 each has been or will be dished out to the developers of projects at 11882 226th St., 12040 222nd St., and at 11887 Burnett St.

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