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"Even though I'm not fighting this time, I'm still going to do my part to promote this show," he said. "I want to see it be a success, and I want people to show up and enjoy MMA. It's an addictive sport. Once you watch it once or twice, you're hooked."

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Rendon dropped Ponce to the mat just seconds into the match and stayed on top of him while furiously pounding away. The referee stopped the fight on a TKO for repeated strikes by Rendon.

The following fight between lightweights was won by Ray Banda (3 0) of Los Fresnos against Daniel Duran (0 1), a 40 year old from Harlingen making his pro debut. After dominating the action throughout the match, Banda closed it out via TKO at the 1:24 mark of the third round.

Fendi Clutch Karl

"He asked to fight me," Banda said of his opponent. "He's a great person, and outside the cage we'll be good friends."

Vega, who normally competes at 135 or 145 pounds, was disappointed that he couldn't be in the cage as a fighter to promote his Fendi Diaper Bag Price

"I just wanted to take him down and stay on top of him," Rendon said.

Fendi Clutch Karl

Fendi Clutch Karl

Fendi Clutch Karl

Fendi Clutch Karl

chosen sport but added he was very glad to see such an event finally come to his hometown for the first time.

´╗┐Injured Vega misses show

Fendi Clutch Karl

Banda made things clear that it was nothing personal.

Fendi Clutch Karl

a home in Brownsville on a long term basis.

It is Vega's goal to see MMA fighting find Fendi Monster Wallet Ebay

"I'm here, and I'm trying to be a fan," said Vega, who estimated it would take between six months to a year for him to recover from his injury and get back into fighting shape.

Instead of fighting, the youthful looking Vega, a 1999 Lopez graduate who just turned 33 on Thursday, became a spectator at Saturday's "Best of the Best 2" show presented by Hero FC and JC Fight Promotions.

Fendi Clutch Karl

"I was feeling devastated that I wouldn't be fighting because of my injury," added Vega, whose younger brother Miguel, also a Lopez graduate, has competed in MMA fighting as well. "It was an overwhelming feeling to have the whole community saying they would be there to support me. It seemed there was a massive amount of people looking forward to seeing me fight.

Luis Vega (10 4), considered Brownsville's first mixed martial arts star, was all set to participate in the city's inaugural MMA fighting show Saturday at Commemorative Air Force Museum. But it didn't happen due to a recent knee injury he suffered while training.

fight of the night was between lightweights who came into the match each with 0 2 records. Father Time didn't prevent Gabriel Reynaga of San Antonio from winning in decisive fashion on a TKO at the 32 second mark of the opening round thanks to repeated blows against Brandon Bradshaw of Mission.

Duran responded by saying, "I loved it. It was an honor to fight Ray."

Fendi Clutch Karl

The third Fendi Peekaboo Essential Price

"I didn't make a big deal about me not fighting because I still wanted people to come out and see the show. If we don't do well with this show here, guess what? They're going to take it elsewhere and put it on. I want to see this show come back to Brownsville. A show like this, maybe it can bring more attention to Brownsville and maybe generate some more money (here)."

During the opening Fendi Clutch Karl match of Saturday's seven fight card between heavyweights, Javier Rendon (3 3) of McAllen triumphed over Raul Ponce (1 5), also of McAllen, on a technical knockout at the 1:12 mark of the opening round.

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