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Mr Ian Smith, the South and East Cumbria coroner, said a post mortem concluded Mr Bowes died of "blunt chest trauma" after Fendi Bags With Fur suffering injuries to his chest, back and sternum.

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Larkin Engineering, of which Mr Bowes was an employee, had engaged the services of Furness Hiab Hire a subsidiary of Cumbria Design Scaffold to pick up, transport and drop off Fendi Orange Tote

But throughout the day the jury heard sometimes conflicting evidence from six witnesses into the circumstances leading up to the 37 year old's death on March 12, 2012.

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But as he did, either the chains or slings snagged on the top heavy walkway and it toppled over on to Mr Bowes and Mr Larkin.

This contradicted testimony albeit "guesses" from both Mr Wadsworth and Mr Shaw that it had been a chain or chains that knocked the walkway.

However, the inquest heard when driver and crane operator Paul John Wadsworth arrived at Larkin Engineering there was some debate about what type of slings to use to lift the kit.

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The crane was re employed and managed to lift the walkway about a metre off Mr Bowes before it slipped and crushed him a second time.

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in charge. I'm not a slinger. I don't have a licence to sling."

Mr Bowes' family, including widow Cheryl, was told they could be excused from the room before the footage was shown.

the Barrow Town Hall into the death of Andrew Bowes, of Mill Bank, Barrow.

The video, which was obtained from a business at the Meeting Industrial Estate in Park Road, Barrow, showed a flatbed truck from Furness Hiab Hire outside Larkin Engineering Services.

The video was shown on the first day of a two day inquest at Fendi Wallet Female

Fendi Bags With Fur

"(Mr Larkin) picked the slings and that was it," he said. "From that point he was Fendi Handbags Tote

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Fendi Bags With Fur

Fendi Bags With Fur

Inquest shown footage of Barrow father

However, in a transcript of an interview between Mr Larkin and investigators after the incident he expressed regret that he had allowed Mr Bowes to assist with the loading.

Mr Wadsworth, who is not a qualified "slinger", said Robert Larkin did not like his choice of slings and picked another set, which would be attached to chains connected to the crane.

Mr Larkin declined to answer most questions on the advice of his barrister Mr Mike Atkins.

Mr Larkin and Mr Bowes then assisted Mr Wadsworth as the first walkway was connected to the crane and hoisted onto the back of the truck.

The inquest heard that at some point the slings and chains were separated and Mr Wadsworth began to move the boom using a remote control.

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David Kendall, who was outside his premises at the industrial park, told the inquest he rushed over to assist.

Mr Kendall said he believed the incident occurred because one or more of the slings had been caught under the frame and destabilised the walkway when the boom moved.

It was, according to Cumbria Design Scaffold's assistant manager Simon Shaw, "just a basic lift".

two six metre metal walkways.

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