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´╗┐Improv Army to perform at TCF at Chicago Cultural Center on May 7

form interaction among the actors, audience participation, and open ended games conspire to create a perfect sweat inducing storm. Improv actors carry only their wits and a fearless attitude on stage.

Some, however, say improv doesn't make them anxious. "Even if I screw up, I know people will laugh," Joel Molloy said.

Some have routines to help relieve the anxiety. "I usually listen to some music," Shareef said.

Fendi Monster Wallet Mens

"I breathe in and out to become relaxed," Donovan Singer said.

Fendi Monster Wallet Mens

Fendi Monster Wallet Mens


Fendi Monster Wallet Mens

"I enjoy making people laugh," said Abby Walters, who perhaps spoke for all Fendi Card Holder Uk

The risk and reward of performing improv produces memorable moments, some good and some not.

Beyond acting lies the haunted house of performance art: Improv. No script, free Fendi Card Holder Monster

Despite their cool facades, many get nervous before taking the stage.

Adolescence, with its innate vulnerabilities and myriad social and personal changes, and improv would seem incompatible. And yet there's Improv Army at Shepard High School. at the Chicago Cultural Center. Admission is free. earned invitations.

"I died once in a two person scene . . . didn't work out well," Hilger said.

Fendi Monster Wallet Mens

Fendi Monster Wallet Mens

Army regulars listed Monty Python's Flying Circus, Kristin Wiig and Bill Hader (both from Saturday Night Live), Jon Stewart, Ricky Gervais, Stephen Colbert, Patton Oswalt, John Candy, and the cast of "Whose Line is it, Anyway?" among their favorite performers.

"The stage is my home," said Ken Garner.

her IA friends. "Also, it's an awesome way to know how to think off the top of your head."

"Having fun, fooling around, letting go of all insecurities," said Zaid Shareef of the best aspects of improv performance.

"I get incredibly nervous before performing. I get myself to relax by just getting up and performing because I perform best when I'm nervous," Walters said.

"Improv does not cause me anxiety. It's when I'm the most comfortable. It's a way to escape stress," she said.

So what makes a teenager want to risk themselves performing live without a script and with little direction?

Fendi Monster Wallet Mens

Fendi Monster Wallet Mens

Public speaking scares most people and, in Fendi Monster Wallet Mens fact, tops just about every 'Top 10' fright list, followed by death and spiders.

Fendi Monster Wallet Mens

And, improbably, Samm Hilger finds improv itself Fendi Monster Backpack Black

"My best moment is probably the time that I made basically the entire audience laugh and actually kept my composure," Walters said.

Polls don't ask whether people fear acting, but it stands to reason that performing dramatically on stage, remembering a script, nailing the body language and facial expressions, playing in front of a paying audience would spook us even more.

Fendi Monster Wallet Mens

Fendi Monster Wallet Mens

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