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It's safe to say Broad Ripple High School and Ball State University graduate Oberreich was wowed when she saw one of Fendi Tote On Sale

Bags Fendi

Art's "Funky Bones" sculpture, Oberreich's art brings authentic Hoosier touches to the movie which was made primarily in Pennsylvania, a state that offers tax incentives to filmmakers while Indiana offers none.

Bags Fendi

Bags Fendi

NYC premiere: John Green's close up arrives

"I thought, 'I'll be a production designer, and I'll stick my own art into movies,' " she said. "I don't know if that would have worked."

Bags Fendi

Set buyer Pastorik purchased three sketchbooks from Oberreich, who said she favors start to finish documentation of her work.

her ladders in the background of a discussion between Woodley and Laura Dern, who portrays Hazel's mother.

In addition to Green's words and a replication of the Indianapolis Museum of Authentic Fendi Tote

"I don't remember the dialogue from the scene, because I'm sitting there staring (at the drawing)," Oberreich said.

Making 'Paper': 'TFIOS' producer seeks 'awesome' Margo for 'Paper Towns'

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He wrote Bags Fendi about Hazel and her love interest, Augustus Waters, a fellow teenage cancer patient. Green also dreamed up the Hectic Glow, a fake band represented by a poster in Hazel's bedroom.

Oberreich's first paper airplane project showed a pile of crumpled paper plus one airplane suspended by a string. The ladder sketch seen in "The Fault in Our Stars" was made in 2011, and Oberreich tackled a new ladder painting after seeing the movie.

Indianapolis artist Kate Oberreich contributed sketches that are seen in the hit film "The Fault in Our Stars" an Indianapolis story based on the novel by John Green.

Hazel is the fictional Indianapolis teenager who narrates "The Fault Fendi Bag Classic

Ansel Elgort, right, and Shailene Woodley portray Indianapolis teenagers visiting an upscale Amsterdam restaurant in "The Fault in Our Stars" the film adaptation of John Green's best selling novel. The artist once considered going to grad school to study set design, but eventually decided against it.

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Keen eyed viewers can see Oberreich's sketches of paper airplanes, ladders and branches above Hazel's bed and near her desk. Barbie Pastorik, who buys props for movies, found Oberreich by searching online for Indianapolis artists.

Bags Fendi

Bags Fendi

Local landmarks: John Green looked to Indy sites for 'TFIOS' settings

´╗┐Indianapolis artist's sketches land in 'TFIOS' film

"Sketchbooks are such an important part of my process," said Oberreich, who doesn't know Green ("I would love to meet him at some point, and thank him.")

At her studio near the intersection of 54th Street and Keystone Avenue, Oberreich is a mixed media artist who focuses on items such as paper airplanes, ladders and branches for series of paintings.

Filmmakers disassembled Oberreich's books and selected pieces to imply that 16 year old Hazel decorated her room with art she created.

Not the same: 10 ways the 'TFIOS' movie differs from the book

in Our Stars." Shailene Woodley portrays Hazel in the film, which has sold more than $85 million in tickets in the United States since opening on June 6.

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