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"It's very stress relieving."

"VAC's mission is to bring education of intercultural understanding," Shepard said. "Dancing has this element of understanding people from another culture. Vendors bring in merchandise from around the world so people can experience other ways of life."

Shepard's love for dance kept her involved in Boulder's Village Arts Coalition, where she recently retired as president. The nonprofit organization brings together groups of various artforms such as dance, music, singing and storytelling.

Fendi Iphone 5c Case

Fendi Iphone 5c Case

"Dance is very much part of life," Sodal said. "Social dancing helps brings many different people together."

"They all have costumes so it's very colorful," Shepard said. "Some of the groups even teach the international dances to the participants. It's Fendi Monster Tote Bag Black Multi

Scandinavian dancer Ingvar Sodal moved to Boulder from Norway in 1962 to attend the University of Colorado.

The coalition is hosting this weekend's International Festival, a two day event featuring international dancers, music and Fendi Phone Case Iphone 5

Sodal is also a certified dance instructor and said dance is a way to socially interact with people.

Fendi Iphone 5c Case

vendors on the Pearl Street Mall.

Sodal said the festival exposes Boulder to entertaining performances and it allows participants of all ages to learn.

In his home country, he said he was very involved in the prevalent dancing culture.

As a 20 year Scandinavian dancer, she said the dance offered wonderful exercise for the body, mind and spirit.

Fendi Iphone 5c Case

"There is no age limit on dancing," Sodal said. "Dancing in my mind is participatory. There's a lot of performing, but the most important aspect of dancing is the dancing that you perform yourself."

Fendi Iphone 5c Case

"I'd often be tired on a Friday evening after a long week of work," Shepard Fendi Iphone 5c Case said. "Then I'd go folk dancing for a few hours and I'd come home feeling young and energized. Dancing offers a different kind of energy.

Fendi Iphone 5c Case

The festival, to be held Saturday and Sunday in front of the courthouse on the Pearl Street Mall, Fendi Travel Luggage

Shepard said that since dance is a universal artform, it holds no barriers.

´╗┐International Festival brings various cultures to Pearl Street

wonderful to see people moving around to the music."

Fendi Iphone 5c Case

includes a series of 30 minute dance performances featuring various styles, including belly dancing and Bollywood, Scottish, Irish and Greek dancers.

Fendi Iphone 5c Case

"In Norway, the locals were surprised that we could do their dances but didn't know their language," she said.

Fendi Iphone 5c Case

Fendi Iphone 5c Case

Fendi Iphone 5c Case

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