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Fendi Monogram Bag

Major League Soccer will take a page out of the NFL book when it opens the 2014 season on Saturday with replacement referees.

And that has most supporters on pins and needles days out from a season packed with anticipation.

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have to move on and it an opportunity for other guys to show themselves. problem remains: Talking heads across Toronto sporting landscape are expecting the Reds to win from the start. The big signings have kept them from seeing the shortcomings:

It what prompted this columnist to project Toronto FC as this year fifth place finisher in the East, good enough for a playoff spot, but below lofty expectations.

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teams are like that when they got three Designated Players. It takes up a lot of your cap.

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got a short leash on myself, Nelsen said. don need pressure from anybody else.

The fact that, in the wake of Matias Laba forced departure, this club doesn have the midfield depth to account for Michael Bradley missing six weeks during this summer World Cup.

way you want to look at it, it a situation that will happen to every team at some point during the year. It happening to us now. We have to deal with it and we Fendi Handbags Outlet Sale

a 34 game season, Nelsen replied. (our DPs) miss the first two, if they miss the first three even, there are still 31 games. I not going to throw them out just for the sake of one game. I got to look at the whole season.

With the season just around the corner, the Reds are better all over the field.

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rather have (these injury problems) now than in the middle of the season. of his second season, Nelsen makes the point that nobody could have predicted the Fendi Monogram Bag transformation TFC has gone through over the past 12 months.

It a roster good enough for a top three finish when healthy, while potentially poor enough to finish outside the playoffs if the club big boys aren involved as could be demonstrated next weekend.

got to admit, this preseason has been a blessing in disguise for us, Nelsen said. showed our warts. biggest of which is the club lack Fendi Black Zucca Canvas Card Holder

Fendi Monogram Bag


one thing I know: I got a good group of guys. I know we going to be organized. And I know we have guys who want to win. When you got that, you sleep pretty easy at night. Fendi Bag Outlet Online

Fendi Monogram Bag

The fact the Reds aren deep on defence.

Fendi Monogram Bag

´╗┐Injury bug slams TFC before season even starts

Fendi Monogram Bag

of depth, which was exposed late last week in a lopsided loss to a Brazilian under 23 team. While most of the club starters weren involved in the club final pre season match, it left some pundits re evaluating where the Reds reside in a wide open Eastern Conference.

To that end, they hopeful the aforementioned impact players will recover in time for next week trip to the Pacific Northwest where TFC opens its Major League Soccer season against the Seattle Sounders.

we the finished product? Of course not, Nelsen admits. need to get more depth. We need to find how to win.

The club sports three World Cup quality players in Defoe, Bradley and Julio Cesar, and stole the MLS headlines throughout the off season.

Following TFC off season spending spree, NBC Sports picked up next weekend game. Media from most Toronto outlets will be present in Seattle to see if the Reds are the real deal this season.

just told me that you reckon we could come fifth, first or 10th this season, a relaxed, but confident, Nelsen joked.

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will be a roller coaster this year. There will be ups, there will be downs. There will be expectations. But fans will be coming to the games proud of us now. Obviously, we want to win all the time, but fans can be proud of this team and respect the team. The guys are desperate to do well for the city and the fans. makes the potential wait that much more agonizing for those who are eager to see TFC revamped, multi million dollar roster fully healthy and firing on all cylinders.

We got to turn that into wins. the Sounders will be sleeping even easier if TFC current injury concerns persist.

The Rave Green opens against MLS Cup champions Sporting Kansas City on Saturday afternoon and will be battle tested by the time TFC trots (limps?) into town.

Despite that, most still think Nelsen has the most to lose regardless of being the genesis of, according to MLSE CEO Tim Leiweke, an unprecedented rebuild. To many, Nelsen is the MLS manager with the shortest leash the likeliest to get the sack if things go sideways prior to the World Cup break.

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