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She has been an active participant in Sew Inspired Quilters and loves learning and teaching. She also has a background in business.

Inspirations is a full service quilt shop offering basic quilting supplies as well as an array of fabrics, helpful advice and instruction, sewing notions and patterns for all kinds of fabric creations.

Evans organized the quilt shows at Morgan Community College for the past five years, which transformed the MCC hallways and common areas into corridors of color and design. For the past six years she has coordinated the MCC Gala quilt among staff members who make the blocks. Evans then assembles the blocks, adds the batting, backs, quilts and binds the full sized piece and prepares it for auction.

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Fendi Fur Monster Iphone Case

Fendi Fur Monster Iphone Case

is an opportunity to see what classes are going to be offered over the next three months. For those who register and purchase their supplies at the Preview Party, there is a 10 percent discount incentive not only on the class registration but also for the supplies.

"If you're a quilter, you look for quilt shops wherever you go," Evans said.

Evans has quilted since the year 2000, and was a frequent customer, she said. Evans works at Morgan Community College as the business and applied technology chair and computer applications teacher. She will continue that job for the next year.

She is also getting new patterns, she said, and will offer some more "artsy" Fendi Dotcom Flower Bag

Evans and Hocheder share a passion for the art of quilting and its many related fabric creations. They agree that quilters impart a distinctive zeal. The shop also has many Facebook friends.

If a month has a fifth Saturday, it will be Mystery Quilt day at Inspirations. Participants will precut their fabric according to predetermined instructions and bring it to the shop to find out how they finish the pattern and assemble the quilt.

The quilts have traditionally sold for $1,000 $2,000 Bag Fendi Peekaboo

and benefit the MCC Foundation for student scholarships.

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Sew Inspired Quilters club, formerly Thimbleberries quilt club, is another opportunity for quilters to come together at Inspirations for friendship, learning something new, show and tell, and of course, eating.

Fendi Fur Monster Iphone Case

Hocheder and former partner Ginger McCafferty opened their business in 1995. After short stints in their first two locations they moved to the present location on Main Street across from the Fort Morgan Public Library where the store has been for the past 15 years.

Similarly, there will be a Class Preview Party each quarter beginning in July. This Fendi Bag Discount

Evans credits her mother in law, Joan Bell of Caon City, as her inspiration to sew and quilt. Since her first sewing machine purchase in 2000, she moved on from square one, so to speak. She took a beginning quilting class with Hocheder and made her first quilted wall hanging. From there she says the sky has been the limit.

The shop evolved from there into the first class quilt shop it is now. Since McCafferty's relocation to Montana eight years ago, Hocheder has been the sole owner supported by a knowledgeable and loyal staff.

´╗┐Inspirations has new owner

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Hocheder compared the experience of running her business to that of being a minister.

stuff. The shop will continue to offer classes for all levels of quilters, publish a monthly newsletter, Scrappy News, and introduce some new hours of operation.

For example, the classroom was moved to the back of the shop, and wool, embroidery, fabrics and other items have their own areas, Evans said. She said a bunch of new fabrics should be coming in soon.

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"This business is about connection with people who are passionate about sewing. My customers come to a quilt shop for a different need than they do when they visit most other stores. Rather than seeking necessities for everyday living, they come to satisfy their creativity and happiness with inspiration, ideas and an extensive offering of quality fabrics and notions," Hocheder said.

Inspirations has had customers from as far away as Saudi Arabia and South Africa as well as many Colorado resident quilting aficionados. Inspirations is listed in the Quilters' Travel Companion, and quilting aficionados watch the lists when they travel.

"Quilting fulfills a need and my goal was to give them the inspiration to work on and finish a dream project. It was like providing soul food I loved that," she said.

She said she found that to be a most gratifying bonus to running her own business.

Fendi Fur Monster Iphone Case

Fendi Fur Monster Iphone Case

Fendi Fur Monster Iphone Case

"I can't think of anyone else I would rather sell my quilt Fendi Fur Monster Iphone Case shop to than Jaylene," said Nancy Hocheder, 19 year owner of Inspirations. "People will find her personality and skills very welcoming. It is not a change in culture for the shop."

"Ginger and I started out making lots of soft sculpture bunnies and snowmen," Hocheder said.

"I love colors and patterns and finishing pieces for myself or for gifting," said Evans.

"I gave my customers the confidence to do something they could be proud of," she said.

Fendi Fur Monster Iphone Case

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