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"The real savings are you don't bring in the extra contractor to do the insulation on site, there's almost no waste at the job site, the speed of putting it up and then the real savings is the energy efficiency," Heeman said. "If I could save $80 a month or $100 a month on my electric bill, what does that add up to after 10 years? It's huge."

´╗┐Industrial manufacturer turns green to survive recession

busy you never have time to do that, and the time to do it is when it's slow, because it is going to bounce back, and when it bounces back we want to be ready," he said.

In tough economic times, K Tect basically gives Consulting Point another basket in which to put some of its eggs. Keith Heeman, director of operations, describes the company's evolution:

Before launching Consulting Point, Gonzalez had worked as plant manager for TECO Westinghouse in Roundrock and Orchid International in Tennessee, and also worked for GE. Supplying skilled labor meanwhile, has been an importantl source of revenue for Consulting Point since the recession put a damper on the in house manufacture of motors and components at the ITEC plant, though the company was supplying skilled labor even before the recession. A case in point is a massive project Consulting Point did for GE Energy in 2007 08.

Consulting Point, meanwhile, has no intention of going anywhere just because the economy's acting up.

Fendi Gray Handbag

Fendi Gray Handbag

More rotors were on order, but the recession hit and the orders dried up. Before things started to slow down in 2008, Consulting Point Fendi Peekaboo New Collection

Fendi Gray Handbag

Fendi Gray Handbag

"We 'flexed' up to 38 employees into their facility, and we built a 45 foot long, 90 ton rotor for a variable frequency transformer," Heeman said. "That's a big rotor. We made three of these. GE Hydro made one in eight months. We did three in eight months. That was a very, very successful project for Consulting Point."

Fendi Gray Handbag

Fendi Gray Handbag

The firm just finished it's third K Tect home in Brownsville for an organization called Architecture for Charity, and Heeman is betting Consulting Point's K Tect business will take off once awareness spreads. K Tect is no more expensive than traditional construction materials, is very wind restistant and Fendi Leather Crossbody Bag

Fendi Gray Handbag

typically had 45 to 50 employees on the floor of its 12,000 square foot shop at ITEC. During a recent visit, there were just two employees, and they were working on K Tect panels for houses going up in Brownsville. Nowadays the company usually has between 20 and 40 of its people in the field working for clients in the electric motor industry, and the firm has seized upon the lull at its own shop to make "pretty significant capital investments," mostly in equipment for producing electric motors and components, Heeman said.

Fendi Gray Handbag

Founded by Joel Gonzalez in 2005, the company recently began producing super energy efficient foam wall panels for K Tect, a firm based in Las Vegas, Nev., to serve the green building industry in Texas. Consulting Point's traditional mainstay, however, has been something very different: manufacturing and assembling components for industrial sized electric motors. This, in turn, is different from the company's original mission, which was producing electric bikes and electric bike motors for a Virginia based company, WaveCrest.

"One of the advantages of being a small company with low overhead is being able to be more resilient," Heeman said. "We're here to stay and we're always looking at other opportunities."

Fendi Gray Handbag

"We're smart enough to know, with Joel's experience and mine, that when you're Monster Backpack Fendi Replica

doesn't have the same susceptibility to things like termites, rot, mold and fire.

Fendi Gray Handbag

"After a year and a half, (WaveCrest) had spent $168 million on R decided to sell off and sold the electric bike line to a company called Mantra in France. That's when manufacturing the bikes went out. Joel went back to his roots, which is the industrial motor industry, and started up doing the components, and farming out his skilled labor."

Roughly $70,000 of that capital investment, however, has been for a Xydroid computerized, hot wire foam cutting machine to shape the K Tect panels which start as giant foam blocks for assembly. Because it has made a science of eliminating waste in its manufacturing processes, Consulting Point can make things with remarkable speed no matter what the project, Heeman Fendi Gray Handbag said. For example, the company can put up a K Tect home in three days with only two or three people, he said.

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