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There's a lot to do, LaPlante said, but the district and the school board are moving forward.

WILTON Interim Superintendent Donald LaPlante is ready to steady the ship of the Wilton Lyndeborough Cooperative School District in the choppy wake of its credit card spending scandal.

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"I feel pretty comfortable taking on the things that need to be done here," LaPlante said. "I think we'll have a good, solid year together, and I intend to leave things far better off than they were before." Fendi Peekaboo Men

Since he arrived in Warrior country, LaPlante said he has spent time getting to know the school board and its subcommittees, as well as administrative staff, teachers and members of the community.

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The new policy will have some exceptions, LaPlante said, but those will only be permitted when the school board is notified to prevent "audit surprises" at the end of the school year.

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pick a place with a fancy pool," LaPlante said. "We're not sending them out to Sanders Resorts. You've got to pick a reasonable place to stay.

"There's far more than you can even imagine on my plate, but there always is," LaPlante said. "I'm used to working with a lot of demands and I've worked in a much larger school district, so this is not something that I'm not relatively used to."

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"You can't just go out and Fendi Quilted Tote

But he also has managed smaller districts in Maine similar to Wilton Lyndeborough, he added.

of that it's important but at the same time, they need to understand that there's a district focus."

"This is a consolidated district, so one of the things I'm helping them to do is look at things from a common perspective, and to share their resources and their talents and begin to lose the provincial turf protection" attitudes, LaPlante said.

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"I contributed some perspective and some ideas, but they had come up with most of that themselves," LaPlante said. "It really amounts to common sense."

"There's a lot of local talent in each town, and I don't want to demean any Fendi Peekaboo Navy Blue

LaPlante joins Wilton Lyndeborough coming out of a yearlong retirement from his previous post as superintendent at the Hartford School District in Vermont.

In Hartford, LaPlante dealt with 450 employees, a $31 million budget and about 2,000 students. His former district had three elementary schools, a high school of 900, a regional vocational center with students from 26 communities, an interstate school serving New Hampshire and Vermont students, and three regional special education programs.

Besides moving Wilton Lyndeborough from beyond the cloud of its credit card controversy, LaPlante hopes to review and help update many of the school board's policies, including those related to surplus funds.

"It's nice to be able Fendi Iphone Case to exercise the gray matter a little bit once in a while," LaPlante said. "Nobody does interim work for career advancement; they do it for mercenary kinds of reasons, I guess. I really think I've got something to offer that I think will be helpful to the district."

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´╗┐Interim superintendent ready to move Wilton

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"There's an allowance for daily meals, so you can't go out and have $800 dinners. You have to live within your means here."

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"I haven't had anything but a real positive response," LaPlante said.

"My goal is to try and take care of cleaning up business, making sure everything's back on an even track and on nice, solid footing," LaPlante said Wednesday. "We've made a lot of headway already."

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"The biggest challenge is going to be to rebuild trust in the community, and I think we'll manage to do that," LaPlante said.

LaPlante, who lives with his wife in Enfield, said he'll serve the district in a part time capacity for one year at 32 hours a week for a $98,000 salary with no health benefits.

LaPlante said the school board was already in the midst of writing the travel reimbursement polices that led to the wrongful spending when he arrived at Wilton Lyndeborough. The final version will be effective as soon as the school board does its first and second readings of it.

Some of the solutions the school board is considering include setting the district's mileage rate at the IRS' published rate, LaPlante said. General Services Administration rates that fix rates for federal employees.

On July 1, he took over for Wilton Lyndeborough Cooperative High School Principal Brian Bagley, who had been acting as superintendent since Superintendent Trevor Ebel went on leave when an audit revealed the district's credit card was used to charge $2,000 inappropriately. The credit card was in Ebel's name.

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