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´╗┐Intel vs Nvidia

nvidia they just waited patiently for nvidias licience to expire.

remember the nvidia cheating fiasco years ago now the physics drivers cheating with 3dmark the sli pull from intel, holding back and raising prices with the G80

Fendi Tote Review

Claims with the first Phenom? Im sure that hyping a product that ends up sucky isnt illegal.

intel did not go after amd amd violated the x86 agreement

well nvidia is very anti consumer they hold stuff and anti competitive in general

Fendi Tote Review

Fendi Tote Review

Incase you do not know, early intel based X975 chipset mobos where both crossfire and SLI ready nvidia blocked it. Also nvidia made statements like "intel does not know how to make chipsets" among other things!

intel is like a book tic tok they explain Fendi Tote Review the road map years into the future and avoid being anti competitive due their near monopoly in cpu's. they are consumer oriented in they are predicted and price competitive

As I understand it, AMD and Intel are free to use each other's x86 extensions and enhancements (Though, this current Intel/AMD litigation may change things).

As far as nVidia vs Intel: I haven't seen the details of what nVidia is suing for ie, Do they just want the right to make chipsets, or are they trying to revoke some rights Intel has licensed? With so many patents out there, it's hard to say if Intel is using other nVidia IP other than SLI.

Fendi Tote Review


Fendi Tote Review

the move by nvidia forced us to use nvidia chipsets which ran hot and not as fast with dual core cpu's. Then quad cores ran even woarse with nvidia chipset. Anyone who builds knows that the 690i, 780i where trirrible quad overclocking chipsets and the.

intel did not go after amd the pulled the x86 licence and rightly so since amd sold the fab and is essentially not making cpu's

amd is crazy and marketing is what ever goes they appear to consumer oriented if possible but who knows you got like amd!

give Nvidia the right to make chipsets that are compatible with new Intel semiconductors with "integrated" memory controllers. "Nvidia did not initiate this legal dispute," said Jen Hsun Huang, Nvidia president and chief executive, in a statement. "But we must defend ourselves and the rights we negotiated for when we provided Intel access to our valuable patents.

After nvidia got its intel licience it then did not renew intels licience intel never files suit or really publically went after Price Of Fendi Monster Bag

The P5N e many use with the 650s chipset the max fsb was 1400fsb if you wanted a 100% stable system and you need to add fans to the nb. In the dark ati R600 days if you wanted a multi gpu cablity you where forced to use the nvidia chipsets and 800GTX over priced at up to $800 for a water cooled BFG. Sound familiar? I think Intels trying to send a message

fox business says: "SAN FRANCISCO Nvidia Corp. said late Thursday it is countersuing Intel Corp. over a chipset contract dispute. Last month, Intel sued Nvidia claiming a 2004 chipset agreement did not Fendi Monster Eyes Peekaboo Bag Replica

Fendi Tote Review

Fendi Tote Review

ibm dictated the x86 agreement with 8088/8086 production ibm created microsoft, intel, amd, and many others with the pc

nvidia makes some solid chipsets, and although at times they may not be number one with graphics cards, their drivers for the most part have always been up to date and more bug free than ATI. Their geforce 7 mgpu for Intel processors chipset has been actually very stable on my Biostar motherboard, and I get a better IGP than Intel's GMA offerings at that price point. I only wish the 9xxx series of IGP mobos for intel processors was more popular with the mobo makers. i only see a handful on Newegg, and the time is rapidly approaching that the chipset will be a thing of the past with the move to mainstream i5. Seems the 9xxx IGP mobos for intel CPUs will disappear before they ever become plentiful or super cheap, just like nforce2 chipsets for socket A AMD. Sigh.

Fendi Tote Review

Well nvidia has sued intel, nvidia's cross licence agreement as all know expired and nvidia did not get it renewed due to dirty dealing in SLI back 3 years ago when it pulled support for SLI from 975x chipsets.

AMD chose not to use the full SSE4 instruction set. They went with a small subset (SSE4a) as they focused on SSE5. IIRC, it was AMD's choice not Intel holding out on Fendi Bags English

Dubai is making cpu's i mean do we really want intel technolgy going to the people (close to it) of 911?

ati has always been a consumer friendly

Fendi Tote Review

Fendi Tote Review

I'll have to wait for more details to come out. One one hand, nVidia may have a valid argument. they hold back their IP for their own advantage, and in doing so, one company shouldnt be raised in higher regard than another. Intel has been found guilty of a few things in courts of law, illegal business practices. Should we condemn Intel for that fact? nVidia and driver tweaks, selct games with new drivers, etc etc, then you have AMD, and their claims of the first Phenom.

Fendi Tote Review

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