Fendi Monster Bag Black

Fendi Monster Bag Black

Fendi Monster Bag Black

Gatefold ad (or Spadea / Spadia): A page folded around a newspaper or magazine covering part of the front page and part or the entire back page.

Gross rating points (GRP): A measure of the exposure of an ad; reach x frequency.

Island ad: An ad surrounded by editorial content on a printed page.

Broadsheet: Newspaper format with two folds, usually larger than tabloid.

Co op advertising: An arrangement Fendi Dotcom Lace Up

Fendi Monster Bag Black

Click through rate (CTR): Obtained by dividing the number of users who clicked on an ad by the number of times the ad was delivered (impressions).

Fendi Monster Bag Black

usually positioned at the top of the page.

Modular advertising: Pre determined ad sizes, which work in synergy with the publication editorial to provide a cleaner layout.

Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC): An independent, third party circulation auditing organization that measures print circulation, readership and website activity.

Agate line: Space for one line of print (one column wide Fendi Monster Bag Black and 1/14 inch deep) used to measure advertising.

of times an audience member is exposed to a medium.

Frequency: The average number Fendi Bags Small

Leaderboard: Online ad usually 728 x 90 pixels.

Column inch: The depth of a column measured in inches

Cost per thousand (CPM): Used in comparing the cost of different advertising options. It is the amount an advertiser pays for one thousand advertisement impressions. In the case of newspapers, it cost by circulation or number of readers. For broadcast, it the CPM of homes and people reached using average audience.

Fendi Monster Bag Black

Designated Market Area (DMA): A media market or region where the population can receive the same newspaper, internet, television or radio offerings. Widely used in audience measurements.

between a manufacturer and a retailer whereby the manufacturer will reimburse the retailer in part or full for advertising expenditures.

Masthead: Part of a page devoted to the official heading/name of the publication, Fendi Monster Bag White

Bulk distribution: Multiple copies of a publication delivered to the same addressee.

Fendi Monster Bag Black

Gutter: The margin between facing pages where the fold lies.

Fendi Monster Bag Black

´╗┐Industry terminology

Impressions: The number of times a web page has been viewed by a user.

Display advertisement: In print media, any advertisement other than a classified ad.

Fendi Monster Bag Black

Four colour process: A printing process that combines differing amounts of each of four colours (red, yellow, blue black) to provide full colour.

Circulation: The total number of copies of the newspaper distributed in one day.

Fendi Monster Bag Black

Linage: Refers to the size of an ad, based on the number of lines of type taken up by the ad.

Fendi Monster Bag Black

Centre spread: Two facing pages in the centre of a magazine or newspaper.

Blogs: Short for web log, it is maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse chronological order.

Fendi Monster Bag Black

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