Fendi Crossbody Monster

Fendi Crossbody Monster

Fendi Crossbody Monster

"WHERE IS THAT HINARA EMI? SHE'S RUNNING 50 LAPS WHEN SHE GETS HERE. This is the THIRD time this WEEK," the girls' tennis captain shouts. Wincing, I begin to run towards practice half heartedly.

Fendi Crossbody Monster

"GOMEN," I scream, trying to stand up quickly, but lose my balance and fall on my side this time. A hand flashes I front of me and I look up, finding a pair of emotionless eyes staring at me through glasses. Another boy is standing up beside him with black hair and is laughing a bit. I look back to the hand and take it, looking at my rescuer as his strong arm pulls me up. My heart stops.

Letting my eyes wander to his features, I notice something there, something strange. He's considering what I said. Oh wow.

Fendi Crossbody Monster

´╗┐Inexcusable Prince of Tennis One

Oishi doesn't seem to notice, but Tezuka's gaze is adverted toward the courts where the boys are having practice.

"Alright," Oishi says, obviously seeing the sense in this. I hold back a sigh, knowing Tezuka would never like me. He's just so intelligent, he's athletic, he's gorgeous, and he's mysterious. He's everything I could ever dream about and then, there's me.

"Yes, please excuse me," Tezuka says while bowing a bit. He glances at me for a few seconds before walking no gliding away towards the other courts. My moment Fendi Crossbody Monster with him is forever over.

I'm making a fool of myself in front of my dream guy. I'm doomed.

my lateness. I silently wonder why he just didn't tell the truth.

The rays of the sun, they warm my skin to a boiling point, and only the Fendi Peekaboo Consignment

Fendi Crossbody Monster

Fendi Crossbody Monster

'Damn my boobs. I hate them. They should die.'

"No! Oh my goodness Akane chan, this story is wonderful! I'll have to finish it later. I need to go to tennis! It's wonderful my love," I say speedily, grabbing my tennis bag and flying out of the classroom. Akane shouts a few sarcastic words after me, but I barely hear them as I fly down the stairs, knowing what would happen if I was late.

"Thank you for doing this," I say, trying to make conversation with him while my heart flutters wildly in my chest as we approach the tennis courts. Tezuka just nods as he leads the way. I try to take longer strides to keep up with him, but I end up tripping.

"Hinara, go warm up," the captain says, still slightly dazed from her conversation with Tezuka. She continues to stare off in the distance for a few more seconds as I quickly join my normal group of friends, mentally recording all of the wild things that happened.

Fendi Crossbody Monster

Fendi Crossbody Monster

"So. do you. like bananas?" I ask, not being able to think of anything intriguing to say to this amazing guy. He looks over at me for a second, no emotion coming close to his face, and then looks back to the courts that are coming closer.

"Hinara san was late because of me. I apologize, but I ran into her when she was trying to get to the clubhouse and her stuff went everywhere. I hope you can forgive me," Tezuka interrupts, easily making up an excuse for Peekaboo Fendi Small

"I apologize for being late, but "

"HINARA! WHERE HAVE YOU Oh Tezuka san! What are you doing at the girls' courts? Not that there's anything wrong with it, but why are you with Hinara?" My captain is looking more nervous than I feel.

crisp ocean breeze that soars around my body can clash against its heat. My heart flies and tingles with the simple brush of his skin against mine. Oh, it's irreplaceable. His breath caresses my face and his eyes delve into mine until I can no longer move, his strong arms are wrapped tightly around my small frame, gently holding me up. His lips are only mere seconds from reaching mine and his hair falls across my forehead lightly, delicately tempting me into his power. Just as I thought I could no longer breathe, he's

just want to know things just because, especially things like, why you're not really talking to me. You're talking, but you're not, like you don't understand talk. Does that make any sense?" I ramble, my cheeks blazing with fire at this point.

"WAH," I scream, losing my balance. Tezuka's right arm shoots out and steadies me before he continues on, walking slower. I feel very inferior.

Fendi Crossbody Monster

Bing, bing, bing.

"Oh, it's fine. Don't worry about it! I wouldn't want to keep you from your practice, so please excuse us," she says, her body twitching a bit giddily. All the girls have stopped warm ups by now to stare at Tezuka in all his glory. Giant green flames begin to eat my heart up as I watch them, fighting the jealous monster back down. He's not mine anyway.

"Oi, matte! I'll tell her what happened," Oishi says while holding up his hand, a smile gracing his features.

"Tezuka san, Oishi san, oh gomen! Gomen, gomen, gomen," I repeat idiotically as a blush creeps onto my cheeks. I bow multiple times before hearing a familiar shout.

Fendi Crossbody Monster

"Oishi. Go and warm up with the other regulars. I'll go," Tezuka says in his commanding voice, sending shivers down my spine. My heart beats rapidly at this and I can't help but blush more, bowing my head a bit.

"Ah, thank you Oishi san," I shout, bowing low again, and then blushing as I notice how low my shirt has gotten. I straighten up immediately, blushing again.

"Stupid Akane and her lusty stories. If only they would happen to me," I mutter as I jump through the door into the clubhouse, dropping my stuff. Breathing hard, I rummage through my bag, yanking my practice clothes on, and then once again force my short little legs to soar through the air. Turning a corner, I slam into someone and fly onto my back, letting out a high squeal.

"Why would you ask that?" he asks, his voice filled with nothing. I'm starting to think he's just talking to me so he won't seem rude."Well, I'm a very curious person you see. I Fendi Iphone Case Replica

Fendi Crossbody Monster

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