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Green Fendi Purse

"Those catches are special," he said of Wayne's work against the Giants. "Just because they happen it seems over and over again now it doesn't make it lose its luster. I guess you do sort of come to expect it from those guys.

Indianapolis Colts WR Reggie Wayne's acrobatic catches make his offensive coordinator a fanAaron Ross 31 of the New York Giants can hold onto a pass as Reggie Wayne 87 of the Indianapolis Colts runs in to recover the ball for a touchdown during their preseason game at MetLife Stadium on August 18, 2013 in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

´╗┐Indianapolis Colts WR Reggie Wayne's acrobatic catches make his offensive coordinator a fan

"That was a great play," Hamilton said. "I think Reggie Wayne is a living legend in a sense that you don't have the career he's had up to this point and consistently display the ability to make the great catches over the years without having a special intuitive gift.

Asked to rate the two catches against the Giants, Fendi Monster Bag Replica

(Photo: Jeff Zelevansky)For a few seconds during a preseason game, Pep Hamilton forgot he was the Indianapolis Colts' offensive coordinator.

"I still get excited. I don't know if it makes me look good or bad. It's still a completion. That's what matters."

Green Fendi Purse

Green Fendi Purse

Green Fendi Purse

The result was a 3 yard gain. The degree of difficulty was off the charts.

"It's like he can see the rotation of the ball. Everything's slow to Reggie as far as how the game is played. He always finds a way Fendi Peekaboo

Green Fendi Purse

to make the catch regardless of where the ball is."

"It's funny," Hamilton said Wednesday, recalling the play. "I try to not watch our play. I'm focusing on the defense and we've got to be ready as coaches to make adjustments on the fly.

"Just so so," he said.

Green Fendi Purse

Hamilton disagreed, especially on the touchdown.

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Wayne shrugged.

Safety LaRon Landry was in pads for the first time in nearly two weeks. He has been dealing with an injury to his left knee. Among players still held out of practice were tight end Coby Fleener (knee) and linebacker Josh McNary (hamstring).

Hamilton's brief role adjustment occurred during the first quarter of Sunday's game against the New York Giants. From the left slot, Wayne moved into the flat, reached back for a pass from Andrew Luck that was slightly behind him snatched it with his right hand.

Three plays later, another Wayne highlight.

"But I caught myself just a moment. I was somewhat in awe of the one handed catch and I wasn't really focused on the next play call, and I had to just gather my thoughts quickly and move Fendi Iphone X Case

on to the next play."

Green Fendi Purse

Giants cornerback Aaron Ross failed to Green Fendi Purse secure an interception near the goal line and batted the ball behind him. Wayne was waiting. He tipped the ball with his right hand, turned, then made a diving catch near the right side of the end zone.

Green Fendi Purse

He joined the Reggie Wayne fan club.

Luck insisted he has never taken for granted Wayne's ability to make the tough catches.

Green Fendi Purse

Green Fendi Purse

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