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The race was held under extraordinary security, including 100 new surveillance cameras, more than 90 bomb sniffing dogs and officers posted on roofs.

came as a refugee, and the United States gave me hope, said Keflezighi, who was welcomed by fans chanting is probably the most meaningful victory for an American, because of what happened last year.

Fendi Pequin Hobo Bag

This year starting field of 32,408 included 600 people who were given special invitations for those who were impacted by the attacks, and almost 5,000 runners who were stopped on the course last year when the bombs went off.

youngest of those killed in the explosions.

´╗┐In show of Fendi Pequin Hobo Bag defiance

Kenya Rita Jeptoo won the women race in a course record 2 hours, 18 minutes, 57 seconds, defending the title she won last year but could not celebrate because of the tragedy.

Fendi Pequin Hobo Bag

As runners continued to drag themselves across the finish line in the late afternoon, more than six hours into the race, state emergency officials reported no security threats other than some unattended bags.

Fendi Pequin Hobo Bag

Fendi Pequin Hobo Bag

Fendi Pequin Hobo Bag

was hard. It was really hard, said Heather Abbott, who wore a Strong sticker on the black prosthesis where her left leg used to be. was really nervous. I didn want to fall. . I just glad we made it. Afterward, she spoke of Martin Richard, the 8 year old boy who was the Vintage Fendi Roma Bag

As he was presented with the trophy and golden laurel wreath, Star Spangled Banner echoed over Boylston Street, where the explosions rang out a year ago.

BOSTON >> Some ran to honor the dead and wounded. Others were out to prove something to the world about their sport, the city or their country. And some wanted to prove something to themselves.

Fendi Pequin Hobo Bag

Fendi Pequin Hobo Bag

With the names of the victims scrawled on their bodies or their race bibs, more than Fendi Inspired Handbag

Fendi Pequin Hobo Bag

Fendi Pequin Hobo Bag

32,000 people ran in the Boston Marathon on Monday in a powerful show of defiance a year after the deadly bombing.

Keflezighi, who did not run last year because of an injury, won the main event this year in 2:08:37. citizen who emigrated from Eritrea as a boy, Keflezighi wrote the names of the three dead on his bib along with that of the MIT police officer killed during the manhunt.

Fendi Pequin Hobo Bag

when I got to that point, I said, have to do some unfinished business, said runner Vicki Schmidt, 52, of Nashville. She added: can hold us back. You can get us down. Boston is magical. This is our place.

marathon runners. We know how to endure, said Dennis Murray, a 62 year Fendi Travel Duffle Bag

old health care administrator from Atlanta who finished just before the explosions last year and came back to run again. they try to take our freedom and our democracy, we come back stronger. But the city vowed to return even stronger, and the victory by Meb Keflezighi the first American in 31 years to win the men race helped deliver on that promise.

Fendi Pequin Hobo Bag

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