Fendi Monster Bag Polyvore

Fendi Monster Bag Polyvore

The reason for this self doubt? The recent actions by a handful of Democratic state legislators who wish to block the reappointment of State School Board Member Reed Hastings.

Take into account Mr. Hastings' accomplishments to close the achievement gaps in the performance of Fendi Monster Bag Polyvore urban, black and Latino youngsters since he began working on behalf of public education in 1997.

Fendi Monster Bag Polyvore

He contributed $5 million dollars of his own wealth and helped raised $21 million more to support Proposition 39, lowering the threshold to approve school bonds to 55 percent. Since it passed in November 2000, over $18 billion dollars in local school facilities have been approved, more communities have more schools, and more children have more opportunities.

Let's first consider Reed Hastings as a person. He's a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur who rejected the self absorption Fendi Travel Tote

Hastings believes achievement matters and that California's curriculum should be taught and assessed. He has been a champion of statewide testing and a proponent of determining the value that schools, principals and teachers add to a youngster's education. He has advocated for high quality public education, for the closure of failing Fendi Purse Valley

A group of Democratic state legislators want Hastings to go away and withdraw his nomination. Powerful members of the Democratic Caucus either have personal issues with him, or dislike his stance on one or two positions, so they wish to dismiss his stellar record as a passionate, creative and accountable State Board member.

Fendi Monster Bag Polyvore

Fendi Monster Bag Polyvore

and yachts of the newly wealthy.

Fendi Monster Bag Polyvore

Fendi Monster Bag Polyvore

Hastings has done Fendi Zebra Bag

Fendi Monster Bag Polyvore

Fendi Monster Bag Polyvore

The message is clear. Don't buck the party in power and those who are powerful in the party. Mr. Hastings' mistake was that he probably didn't understand that rule before he took the appointment. He just believed that melding powerful ideas, strong commitment to children and different points of view could result in a better system of public education.

Fendi Monster Bag Polyvore

The Democratic legislators face a final exam of their own yet this week when they determine the fate of Reed Hastings as a leader in California public education.

They must answer a simple true or false question: Is the self interest of one or two powerful legislators more important than five years of leadership that has resulted in more schools, more accountability and higher academic standards?

I'M 60 years old. I've been a California educator since I was 22, and have consistently voted for Democrats in local, state and national elections my entire adult life. But, I now find myself questioning the Democrats' intentions, not to mention my own judgment for being a lifelong supporter of the Democratic Party.

Instead, he has invested his personal wealth and valuable time to advance the public good and improve public education, an issue he is deeply passionate about.

Hastings also supports candidates with strong public education agendas. In the last two election cycles, he has personally contributed close to $700,000 to candidates, some $600,000 to Democratic candidates.

He has also pressed to increase the supply of public schools, particularly in overcrowded areas such as Los Angeles, which has 800,000 students but classrooms for only 600,000.

Fendi Monster Bag Polyvore

But apparently, values, money, action and results aren't enough for the Democrats in Sacramento.

schools and the non renewal of charter schools that under perform.

´╗┐In defense of Reed Hastings

all this by securing bipartisan support and maintaining an unwavering focus on what matters.

Fendi Monster Bag Polyvore

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