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Fendi Mini Crossbody

Rica, where they provided medical care to 1,800 patients and ministered to the local children.

´╗┐Innovative leader embodies the value of Christian service

Fendi Mini Crossbody

Pastor Rapp is always Fendi Clutch

Along with efficient spiritual care, specialized chaplains are strategically placed in the trauma, hospice, neonatal intensive care, emergency room and outpatient facilities. An overwhelming 92 percent of patients have since reported feeling respected for their unique spiritual beliefs, and comfortable to ask for the assistance of a chaplain.

Fendi Mini Crossbody

Fendi Mini Crossbody

Hinsdale For sick patients and their loved ones, hospitals can be a sad and scary place. John Rapp believes his job and the job of every physician, nurse, chaplain, hospital employee and volunteer is to provide hope. The concept is rooted in Jesus ministry.

His ministry and mission team has ambitious goals: 70 percent of patients admitted to the hospital are visited by Fendi Mini Crossbody a chaplain within 24 hours and 70 percent of surgery patients are visited prior to their surgery. The team has consistently exceeded that goal, touching tens of thousands of patients every year.

As regional vice president of ministry and mission for Adventist Midwest Health, Rapp works to unify healthcare with spiritual aid. For his commitment to the mission of extending the healing ministry of Christ, Rapp was recently awarded the prestigious Christian Service Award from Adventist Health System at AHS Conference on Mission held in Orlando, Fla. The system employs 50,000 people and treats 4 million patients annually.

Fendi Mini Crossbody

interested in others wellbeing, Jarrette said. Hes deeply complimentary and caring.

Hinsdale resident earns prestigious award from health system

Fendi Mini Crossbody

In 2009, Rapp created the new position of night chaplain to minister to employees working on the third shift. Employees have responded positively to the night chaplains ministry, as demonstrated in most recent employee engagement survey. Because of its success, the ministry is expected to be duplicated at other hospitals in the Adventist Health System.

Since joining Adventist Midwest Health in 2005, Rapp has worked hard to innovate and improve spiritual care provided for patients and family members at the five hospitals he oversees. His duties overseeing faith based standards include managing chaplains, ministry events for patients, community, medical staff and employees, medical ethics, and the organizations annual international mission trip. In January, Rapp led 45 healthcare professionals on a mission to Costa Peekaboo Fendi

Fendi Mini Crossbody

This award doesnt belong to me alone but to the thousands of employees, physicians, community members and fellow Adventist Midwest Health leaders who truly care about the spiritual mission of healthcare, Rapp said.

AMH president and CEO David L. Crane describes Rapp as an innovative, approachable leader who truly cares for people. I cant think of anyone who embodies the value of Christian service more than Pastor Rapp.

He served as senior pastor of North Shore and Hinsdale Seventh day Adventist congregations in Illinois before joining Adventist Midwest Health. The transition from pastoral ministry to healthcare has been a life changing experience.

When Jesus interacted with people, he gave them hope. And when patients have hope, it changes the way they view their health and indeed the way they see their whole life, Rapp said. Scores of clinical studies have shown its effect on the healing process.

Tricia Treft, manager of pastoral care at Adventist Hinsdale Hospital, said Rapps enthusiasm for ministry is contagious. He loves what he does and we are all thrilled he was recognized for his spirit.

Rapps determination to provide spiritual assistance and share the healing ministry with patients and their families, physicians and employees has not gone unnoticed. Esther Jarrette, Rapps executive assistant at Adventist Hinsdale Hospital, said he brings out the best in his staff.

Fendi Mini Crossbody

Fendi Mini Crossbody

Fendi Mini Crossbody

An overwhelmed and honored Rapp celebrated the award with his wife, Melanie, and two daughters, Samantha and Lauren. The family lives in Hinsdale.

My objective is Fendi Purse Black

to utilize Biblical theology to provide exceptional healthcare along with spiritual healing, offering every patient hope and healing of the soul, Rapp said.

Every day presents new joys and new challenges, he said. I feel blessed to be in this position, where Im able to share the Gospel message through healing.

Fendi Mini Crossbody

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