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Michael Pfannebecker, 48, and Jill Ross, who appears to be Pfannebecker's wife.

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Police enter home in Waukee where a standoff had been ongoing since midnight.

Reporters Tim Meinch and Lauren Horsch contributed to this story.

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"He was always out playing football with his kids and playing in the driveway with them," Scar said. "He was just a normal neighbor."

After a few minutes the tactical team exited the home and left the area and other officials without tactical gear entered the home. No ambulance was present on the scene and the body was not removed immediately after the incident.

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the cause of death, according to Waukee police.

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Police found a man dead from self inflicted gun wound inside the Waukee house where a standoff with police had been ongoing since about midnight. They entered the house with a dog, and reporters heard pounding on Fendi Envelope Bag a door and a dog growling. About 5 minutes later the team left the home and police officials entered.

Investigators do not suspect foul play and no charges have been filed.

Lt. Troy Mapes said more information about the incident will be available Tuesday.

He added that police officers had been to the home multiple times before. Monday a tactical team with more than a dozen officers formed in front of the home on Rosenkranz Drive and entered the house with a dog.

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Scar said Pfannebecker lived at the home with his wife and two children.

The case remains under investigation while the Iowa Office of State Medical Examiner determines Peekaboo Fendi Medium

The female caller said a man was intoxicated inside the house and was armed.

The Dallas County Assessor's website lists the home located at 1410 Rosenkranz Drive as owned by Fendi Quilted Tote

Next door neighbor Nick Scar confirmed Monday afternoon Fendi Peekaboo Flowers

Waukee Police identified the suspect as a 48 year old man and that he died from a self inflicted gunshot wound but have not confirmed his identity. on the 1400 block of Rosenkranz Drive. when a tactical team entered the home at 1410 Rosenkranz Drive.

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that he and his wife have lived next to Michael Pfannebecker for nearly a decade.

Waukee police were able to remove the woman but the suspect refused to leave, Mapes said. No children were in the house at the time of the call.

Officials confirmed in a press conference that a man was found dead from a self inflicted gun wound, but have not yet released an identity, pending notification of family, or other details.

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After more than 13 hours, a standoff outside a Waukee home ended when a tactical team entered the home and found a man dead.

´╗┐inflicted gun shot wound in Waukee standoff

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