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He told me he was going to kayak over some waterfalls for Red Bull, April Margera said. So he did. And he survived it and he was very nervous but he wound up blowing his hernia out.

Despite his absence from the show, several hundred people turned out to see the art and meet the artists. Margera and Hannafin both enjoyed modest sales.

Thirteen year old Alyssa Danning came from Media Fendi Handbag Sale

Bam Margera s eerie faces and psychedelic explorations of color and texture struck a bold juxtaposition against Hannafin s more traditional fare. But perhaps the most surreal moment of the night came when Hannafin heard the name of Fendi Striped Tote

Vintage Fendi Luggage

I think I painted that place, Hannafin said, raising a finger to point at a large, vertical piece hanging high on the walls.

Sure enough, Hannafin had visited and painted the location during a leg of his Art Across America tour. Multnomah Falls on the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon is one of the tallest in the country.

When they got to the Chester County Historical Society and found out Margera was nursing an injury after plummeting from a waterfall in Oregon, she had mixed feelings.

Vintage Fendi Luggage

Margera and Hannafin shared the spotlight Friday night with their paintings lining the walls at the Historical Society, sharing space with photographers Ryan Gee and Red Mohawk.

Vintage Fendi Luggage

Since Margera couldn t make it, his mom, April Margera, poured the wine, handed out treats and apologized for her son s absence with a smile while his dad, Phil Margera, worked the room and posed for pictures with fans.

the falls Margera went over.

with her mom on Friday night hoping to meet Jackass star Bam Margera at his first art show with West Chester artist John Hannafin.

Vintage Fendi Luggage

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The first drop there is about 600 feet. The drop that Bam went over was 82 feet, so it could have been much worse, Hannafin said. How many thousands of waterfalls are there in the country and I pull that one?

Bam said, we re polar opposites, and I think the contrast took people through a little artistic adventure, and that s cool, Hannafin said.

Vintage Fendi Luggage

´╗┐Injury forces Bam Margera to miss art show

Vintage Fendi Luggage

He had all these questions for me. I said, Whoa, whoa, whoa. I have a question for you: What is going on? she said.

Vintage Fendi Luggage

He s sad he s not here. I know he is, because he likes to talk about his art, April said. But I think it turned out great.

I had an awesome time. Like Fendi Monster Bag Saks

It s way better than I anticipated, Phil Margera said about his son s artwork. At first I thought it was jibber jabber, but then I started looking there s secret stuff in there. Crazy stuff. If you dig deep enough, there s lots in there.

Vintage Fendi Luggage

Vintage Fendi Luggage

She said she couldn t get a straight answer out of him Friday night about whether he was going to have surgery.

Vintage Fendi Luggage

Vintage Fendi Luggage

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