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Why Why WHY?

Under the proposals, which will be presented to the council's executive board today, council tax would go up by 89p a week for people in Band D properties, or 59p a week for people in Band A properties.

´╗┐increase in council tax bills

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Local Government minister Grant Shapps said: "Nottingham has a moral obligation to help hard working families and pensioners with the cost of living."

Leisure centre users concerned about plans

People will be asked to have their say on all of proposals mentioned on this page.

Councillor Graham Chapman, deputy leader and finance portfolio holder, said this is because next year's rates will be used to calculate how much council tax benefit each council should get in the future.

In comparison Wokingham District Council has seen its spending decrease by per person, according to the research by the Association of North East Councils.

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Extra 3 million spent on child protection

Centres for older folk in firing line

behind which it said would cost million.

Can someone please start a petition to find out why this council is so incompetent and why it doesn't listen to the ordinary folk or the WPL. The majority of employers were against the WPL so why did it go ahead? Why has Fendi Chain Clutch

"We know it's not going to be popular and we're not going to be popular but in the long run it would not be sensible to take out a pay day loan when you're having Fendi Wallet Red to pay what's almost 40 per cent interest a year for as long as anyone can foresee."

Please tell me if such a petition exists as something needs to be done with this lying, scheming council. They refuse to publish their expenses. We pay the tax we should see exactly what is spent where. We should be able to see the Tram forecasts and how it's actually performed.

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"We had to balance what the best interests of the city are," he said.

council could be looking at making further increases it would be a year Fendi Black Dotcom Bag

Mr Chapman said the Government has cut spending in Nottingham by per person in the last three years.

Final proposals will then be considered by the executive board next month before a final decision is made by the full council in March.

However, the deal only lasts one year, meaning in 2013 14 when the Fendi Roma Wallet

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Food waste scheme to end and nine recycling sites to shut to save 342k

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it increased in line with inflation when inflation keeps going down? Why are they pushing business out of the city centre? Why they are going ahead with Tram Phase 2 and 3 when phase 1 was such a resounding failure, surely the people have voted with their feet by not using the tram.

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Last month, the Government announced that any councils which increase council tax by more than 3.5 per cent must hold a referendum on the issue.

People in Band A properties, which is the cheapest rate, face an annual increase of It is expected to generate about an extra million for the council.

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On top of that, the council said it will lose a further million every following year.

Museum and public toilets will be hit by cutbacks

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