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Peggy hit out: "Currie and Hastings should have been made to tell the truth. They lied through the whole thing and if that had been a criminal case they Fendi Peekaboo For Sale

Chad's dad Hugh O'Neil said he would be taking legal advice following the sheriff's determination.

Peggy said: "He never, ever forgot a birthday, or mother's day. Even if he didn't have any money, he would always get you something even just a card.

been jailed. I'm disgusted.

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Fendi Handbag For Sale

Hastings and Robert Currie, who also slept in the cell, took to the stand and Sheriff Pender described their evidence as "incredible and unreliable".

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A DEVASTATED mum has blasted police following the death of her son while in custody.

"The paramedics pronounced Chad dead at 9.22am and the police never came to tell me until 11.05am. What were they doing for an hour and three quarters?

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Fendi Handbag For Sale

She added: "The sheriff is also doubting the word of the constable who checked on my son but he still hasn't come out and said that he didn't do his job properly.

Peggy fondly recalled memories of Chad, who had dreams of becoming a chef, enjoying holidays to Florida, school trips with Aitkenbar Primary, and time spent with sister Courtney.

"I don't think the truth was told in that court but it's over and now I just need to try and get on with it."

He added: "It's a tragedy what happened to my son.

"Chad should never have taken the heroin, I know that, but it should never have been in that cell. That could have been anyone's son in that cell that night, put in with a heroin addict."

He was very close to his 18 year old sister and was delighted when he found out he was to become an uncle.

"When he gave me that plaque I was laughing because he never called me mummy, now it means so much."

"I've got so many memories of him. I could go on about him all day."

"I thought I would at least have got that out it, who gave Chad the heroin, but there was not one thing. It was a complete waste of time. But Fendi Handbag For Sale I know what happened in that cell and so do they.

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It was the last gift the Brucehill mum received from her 19 year old son Chad before he was found dead in a cell at Dumbarton police on February 25 last year.

"They can't even tell me when he died. I didn't even get that from the inquiry."

Several witnesses gave evidence claiming that Robert Hastings, one of the men who shared a cell with Chad on the night he died, had admitted giving him the deadly drug.

half hours for Chad to die. As far as I'm concerned the police fell down in their duty as they were too busy dealing with the peace campers they lifted that day.

Peggy Hyslop insists that cops failed in their duty of care to 19 year old Chad while he was locked in a cell at Dumbarton police office in February last year.

A GLASS plaque bearing the greeting 'to my mummy' takes pride of place in Peggy Hyslop's living room.

"When I was told he had been arrested I thought, if anything, he would be safer in a police cell. I never, ever thought he would die in their care. He was lying dead in that cell for hours and now he's lying in the cemetery.

"He used to always say to me 'it's the thought that counts, isn't it mum?'

"The toxicology report shows that it would have taken at least two and a Fendi Bags New 2016

"I knew what would come of it anyway. The law was always going to rule in the police's favour and nothing will ever bring Chad back.

would have Fendi Handbag Cost

In his 32 page determination released on Thursday, Sheriff Pender questioned the reliability of evidence from the police constable responsible for Chad in the hours before his death was discovered.

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Inquiry into Dumbarton teen

Fendi Handbag For Sale

Fendi Handbag For Sale

"I believe if the police had done their job properly, my son would still be here today.

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