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Mr Murphy from Yorkshire Gardens, Ravenhead fumed: "As someone who is registered disabled if I was to park in Whiston or St Helens hospitals I wouldn't have to pay.

Mr Richards said they wanted the car park to be used exclusively by people visiting the Millennium Centre car park and refused the council's request to have reception staff take cash from paying

A council spokesperson who said the parking fees were introduced in February, explained: "The council agreed to provide and maintain the car park but it was always intended to charge a fee to

offset these ongoing running and maintenance costs.

people who may need to visit the walk in centre.

public pay and display car park. It's not what we would have wanted and is extremely frustrating."

park at the expense of Fendi Peekaboo Extra Small

didn't have any money on me."

It means that the general public are now able to use the car Fendi Bags Small

at all into the car park.

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Chronic asthmatic Brian Murphy (47) who had been visiting the centre said he couldn't believe his eyes when he returned to his car only to discover that he had to pay to get out.

Fendi Handbag New

"They are gradually Fendi Handbag New moving services out of St Helens but hitting us with this. I think it's a disgrace getting money out of disabled people. I even had to borrow the 80p fee from someone because I

A DECISION by the council to introduce fees for people who use the Millennium Centre car park is drawing fierce criticism.

"The situation is that it is entirely owned and run by the council and they are responsible for everything to do with it. It's nothing to do with us at all. It's the council who have made it a

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´╗┐in centre's car park charges From St Helens Star

"This was in agreement with the Primary Care Trust and the Millennium Centre."

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Fendi Handbag New

Fendi Handbag New

Fendi Handbag New

Fendi Handbag New

Tony Richards, Executive Chairman of the Millennium Centre said the decision was out of their hands: "We have had no input Fendi Dotcom Click Small

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