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Two police officers one male, one female were on the ground at his side, trying to gain control of his hands. The female officer kept repeating to the man on the Fendi Pequin Tote Sale ground, resisting. that the officers were having difficulty restraining the man on the ground, Clarkson offered to help the impasse. was one of six people who testified Tuesday at a week long inquiry into the death of Grant McLeod.

McLeod ignored the request and went up the stairs, Fendi Handbag Cost

Testimony from three separate RCMP officers yesterday established that police were initially called to the Chilkoot Trail Inn after a night clerk saw a large man staggering around the hotel lobby with a hypodermic needle in his hand.

The police officers approached McLeod, encouraging him to speak, said MacDonald during the inquiry.

After being handcuffed by police, McLeod went into medical distress as emergency medical services were on en route to the scene.

McLeod was and flailing his head back and forth, said MacDonald.

Constables Jason MacDonald and Terra Taylor were first on the scene, finding the night clerk into her lobby desk while a broad shouldered man, looking and wearing only one runner, stood on the stairs nearby.

Then four more police arrived, and amid the of officers Clarkson couldn see what was going on.

An autopsy ruled the 39 year old McLeod died from a cocaine overdose.

at the Whitehorse General Hospital

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The inquiry isn meant to assign blame. Its purpose is to uncover facts related to the death and suggest ways of preventing similar deaths in the future.

It took three additional officers to pin McLeod and handcuff him. At that point MacDonald decided to remove McLeod pants to search for needles.

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The inquiry continues until Friday and will include testimonies from more police officers, witnesses and emergency medical staff.

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Darryl Clarkson was channel surfing in his Chilkoot Trail hotel room when he was pulled from his room early on August 30, 2008, by shouts in the corridor.

and Taylor followed him down the second floor hallway.

Clarkson, a husky man, had to kneel and use both arms to grab the man left hand.

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Fendi Pequin Tote Sale

so MacDonald Fendi Monster Bag

Resisting the arrest and demonstrating strength, MacDonald and Taylor fell to the ground trying to restrain McLeod, prompting the officers to call in a the most urgent request an officer can make for backup.

Inquiry details death of drug user in custody

arresting you under the Mental Health Act of Canada, said one man.

When MacDonald shouted, McLeod didn respond.

It took four officers to carry McLeod down the hallway, his face white and dead, said Rick Wiebe, who saw the incident from his hotel room.

He only muttered, Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, said MacDonald, who decided to arrest McLeod under the Canadian Mental Health Act, which allows a police officer to take a person into custody who may be a harm to themselves or to other people.

Shortly after, he saw the large man, who looked between limp and rigid, carried down the hotel stairs by several officers.

The coroner inquest is presided over by a six person jury. Such an inquiry is required whenever a person dies in police custody.

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He was pronounced dead Fendi Monster Tote Grey

Fendi Pequin Tote Sale

Fendi Pequin Tote Sale

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