Fendi Zebra Tote

in enlarged form. That lap top is linked to the student's lap top, enabling the student to "read" the lecture as it is happening and participate in questions through the transcriber. The student can print a hard copy of the lecture for studying. It also has an index function to paginate text read onto tapes so that students with visual impairments or learning disabilities can "flip" through the tape to find specific information.

People with certain disabilities require reading materials, tests, and examinations in formats other than traditional print.

Adapted to enable those who experience difficulty with conventional keyboard designs to use computers. Fendi Zebra Tote Available products include mini keyboards which Fendi Monster Bag

´╗┐Instructor's Handbook

Kurzweil Print

Fendi Zebra Tote

ordinarily performed by hand. Rod attachments can allow the individual to type, paint, draw, etc.

Sound is receives and amplified with a hearing aid.

Fendi Zebra Tote

A unit consisting of a television camera that views printed text or other materials, and a television monitor that displays the image Fendi Handbags Peekaboo

Fendi Zebra Tote

Fendi Zebra Tote

A light weight rod or stick attached to a head band that a person wears. Tasks typically performed by a hand or finger movement can be accomplished by moving the head to utilize the stick.

Fendi Zebra Tote

Fendi Zebra Tote

Held in the mouth via a tooth grip, this rod enables an individuals with severe upper extremity limitations to perform tasks Fendi Monster Card Holder Replica

Hearing Aid

Fendi Zebra Tote

Infra Red Systemsee Sound Amplification System, and Real Time Captioning

Head Pointer

Closed Circuit TV Magnifier (CCTV)

require only small ranges of movement, keyguards to prevent more than one key being pressed at a time, and pressure sensitive pads that can be configured for specific tasks. Input from such alternative systems are interpreted by the computer as keyboard stroke substitutions.

Fendi Zebra Tote

Fendi Zebra Tote

Mouth Wand

By scanning printed material, this machine can then read that text through speech synthesis.

Fendi Zebra Tote

Fendi Zebra Tote

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