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This man committed his offense in 2004 when he had consensual sex with his daughter's then 16 year old babysitter. Charged with statutory rape, he Fendi Wallet Eyes

Fendi Purses On Sale

Officer Bob Thayer has been working for the Division of Parole for 23 years, handling sex offenders and other high needs parolees as part of his caseload, and was one of two officers who checked in on the 17 paroled sex offenders living in Fendi Purses On Sale Troy. For Thayer, it was just another day to monitor his charges.

The same could be said for another Lansingburgh man, who also asked to remain anonymous.

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was put on probation, which he violated when he was convicted of a DWI, and spent the next 28 months in prison. Now three years sober, he's trying to finish the rest of his parole requirements in order to be able to live under the same roof as his family again.

The 37 year old saw Thayer as an important ally, because he doesn't want to end up in prison again. But as far as the Halloween check ins go, he found them to be superficial.

"You never really get used to it, you just get to understand it," he said of the constant check ins, which occur several times a month, in addition to the Halloween holiday. "It is what it is. It's part of the situation."

"I understand they have to assure (people) that the public's safe and so forth. But I do believe it's very political in a lot of respects," he said. "There are a certain number of sex offenders that are dangerous, should be monitored very closely, because they have serious mental illness. But there's a large majority of sex offenders who made a mistake, they committed a sex offense but are not 'sex offenders,' if you will."

Fendi Purses On Sale

Still, the restrictions are seen almost as a good thing by some of the sex offenders he checks on, Thayer said.

Fendi Purses On Sale

Fendi Purses On Sale

Though no one this year had been in violation of the Halloween restrictions as of Sunday afternoon, Thayer said he has had offenders violate them before. A violation would require him to call a senior parole officer to request a warrant, and call local police for backup.

"I get upset that I'm still paying for it," he said. "You just want to go on with your life. But at the same time, I'm a realist, and I say, it keeps it green. You never forget what you learned. . Ideally, yeah, let it go, let me move on, but that's not how the law is written. I understand that. I don't want to ever forget, so I don't go back to that lifestyle."

That was partially true for one 41 year old male in Lansingburgh, who asked for anonymity.

out there, they may end up losing their houses."

Fendi Purses On Sale

Fendi Purses On Sale

"It's all part of a process to assure the public that you're not a danger," he said. "And I don't have a problem going through that process because, at least in my own eyes, (I) don't believe that I'm a danger to anyone, so I want to make sure I do whatever's necessary to ensure that people understand that."

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"Most of them know what their triggers are, and they know what they need to avoid," he added.

Thayer visits was at home with his wife. It's common for those who were in a relationship before their offense to return to those living arrangements when they're released, Thayer said.

As part of Operation Halloween, three parole officers visited the homes of paroled sex offenders throughout the county Sunday, ensuring they were following strict guidelines that prohibited them from handing out candy or having it in their possession, dressing in costume, opening their door, or leaving their house.

"Most of these people are actually ashamed of what they've done and sort of want to put it behind them," he said. "We keep it very quiet, low key, get in and get out. If there are any issues, we take care of it. But we don't have to upset the neighborhood."

The first man Fendi Dotcom Bag Replica

Fendi Purses On Sale

TROY Among throngs of trick or treaters Sunday afternoon and evening, several residences remained shuttered to all visitors save one: the state Division of Parole.

Though he wouldn't specify what crime he was convicted of, the man said it happened more than 20 years ago, and though he understands the Halloween check ins are for the greater good, it's frustrating to be lumped in with pedophiles.

When he enters a residence, he'll look around the different rooms for candy or decorations, and mark his findings on a clipboard. The first few offenders Thayer visits Sunday afternoon don't want to talk to the press, something Thayer says is common.

"They're used to this. It's matter of fact for them," he said.

´╗┐in on sex offenders for Halloween

"They're afraid of people recognizing them or their address, which I can understand under those circumstances," he said. "Housing a sex offender is difficult of itself, and if we put names Fendi Bags David Jones

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