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Fendi Handbag With Eyes

The campaign finance reports also show Rodriguez held a substantial edge in fundraising over Guerra in the last six months of 2013. The former 92nd state District Court judge attributed the fundraising edge to a grassroots movement for a change at the top of the DA's office.

Fendi Handbag With Eyes

about any illegal things that were going on, then they wouldn't have been on the campaign payroll," he said.

Rodriguez said he had been unaware of the allegations against Fendi Tote Nylon

Guadalupe "Lupita" Escamilla received $200 on Nov. 2 and $250 on Nov. 21 for "contract labor and services," according to the semi annual report Rodriguez filed Jan. 15. Rebecca Gonzalez received $100 on Oct. 2 for the same services.

FBI agents arrested the women in December at the conclusion of an investigation into vote buying in the Donna school board election the previous year. The women and a third accomplice, Diana Castaeda told an FBI agent they'd paid voters between $3 and $10 to cast their ballots for their candidates, according to court records.

Fendi Handbag With Eyes

Fendi Handbag With Eyes

Among Guerra's financial backers were Precinct 3 County Commissioner Joe Flores, who gave three times totaling $12,000, and County Judge Ramon Garcia, who gave $5,000. "He's got 31 years of experience," Garcia said of Guerra. "He's been prosecuting capital murder cases, murder cases, robbery cases, kidnapping cases, all the serious offenses that are occurring here in our county.

Garcia himself raised almost $100,000 during the reporting period, despite having neither a primary nor a general election challenger. The county judge said he began fundraising because at least two people indicated before the Dec. 9 filing deadline they might challenge him.

Fendi Handbag With Eyes

But ignorance is no excuse, incumbent DA Rene Guerra said.

"I think that it exercises wrong judgment in associating yourself with people who you should know about better," he said by phone Saturday from the Mission Citrus Fiesta.

´╗┐Indicted Donna politiqueras worked for Ricardo Rodriquez's DA campaign

Fendi Handbag With Eyes

Two of the three Donna women under federal indictment for bribing voters in the 2012 election worked on Ricardo Rodriguez's campaign for Hidalgo County District Attorney, campaign finance reports show.

Border Health PAC backs only incumbent candidates, said Alonzo Cantu, who sits on the boards of both the political action committee and Doctors Hospital.

"They were campaign workers. They were doing a little bit of everything," he said. Fendi Peekaboo Orange

Fendi Handbag With Eyes

"People want to support and show that they want to change and one of the ways is financially helping out with contributions," Rodriguez said.

"I don't see any reason to change."

Fendi Handbag With Eyes

Fendi Handbag With Eyes

He added the campaign had "a lot of the conservative support" of the county."It seems like a person is trying to buy the job," he said.

Some witnesses told investigators the women also gave them food, cigarettes and drugs in return for their votes. The women all told FBI agents they received cash directly from campaign managers for the purpose of bribing voters.

the women when he hired them.

"He's concerned about the Palacios family taking over the courthouse," said Guerra, who has served since 1982.

Campaign contributions at the county level are not available online and it is therefore difficult to determine the total contributions at that level of any one person or committee.

"If we knew anything Fendi Iphone X Case

The PAC contributed more than $250,000 to candidates at the state level in the last six months of 2013, including $50,000 each to Texans for Greg Abbott the PAC supporting the Republican current attorney general who is running for governor and state Sen. Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa, D McAllen. Hinojosa is not up for reelection until 2016.

Fendi Handbag With Eyes

But Rodriguez's family ties have brought the county judge into Guerra's corner, he said.

Border Health also made $25,000 contributions to state Sen. Eddie Fendi Handbag With Eyes Lucio Jr., D Brownsville; state Rep. Bobby Guerra, D McAllen; and state Sen. John Whitmire, D Houston.

Their duties included canvassing and telephoning voters, he added. "They were doing good work."

Rodriguez raised $135,000 and spent $235,000 while Guerra collected $87,000 and spent just $43,000 during the six month reporting period that ended Dec. 31.

Garcia and the DA previously opposed each other's political allies, Guerra said, most recently when Guerra backed Rodriguez for the 92nd state District Court.

Fendi Handbag With Eyes

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