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If Innoblue can pull this thing off, then more power to it. No disrespect to the Wall Street Journal ranking, but Penn State certainly could use more critical thinking innovators and fewer followers.

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In practical terms, that means the organizers want to set up a convenient space where, for a modest fee, students and other local entrepreneurs can access technologically advanced facilities and workspace, and collaborate with similarly minded innovators. Organizers want to support entrepreneurs in their attempts to secure capital and partnerships, too.

It appears that the Borough of State College is buying into that vision and may soon partner with Innoblue on a facility. A Demo Day event earlier this month, put on by Innoblue, brought the effort into clearer focus, spotlighting more than a dozen local groups that would benefit from a more cohesive, unified and visible presence.

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Why? Well, beyond the lure of big companies that pull grads away right after graduation, the Nittany Valley has a fairly insular atmosphere, Adewumi said. Students here tend to have a rather singular focus on Penn State the institution while they're here.

By this time next year, Adewumi would like to see an active lab space used to by 40 to 50 people on a daily basis; three to four dozen active investors supporting local entrepreneurs; and a paid, full time executive director to oversee the whole operation.

"If we can develop a culture here that entrepreneurship is cool and that you can (use Fendi Bags Crossbody

Not every idea pursued in the lab space will succeed, of course, and that's OK. The overarching vision for Innoblue is to create a process for Fendi Monster Tote Gray

The ranking is there in black and white, published in a survey Sept. 13 in the Wall Street Journal.

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A co founder of the student led upstart Innoblue, Adewumi said the survey illustrates a bittersweet fact: Much of Penn State's top business talent goes straight from commencement to big corporations including Fortune 500 companies rather than trying to start up new businesses.

In short, he told me, the vision is about leveling the playing field for everyone. It's about empowering people with bright ideas to pursue those ideas, even if they don't have the power, influence or perceived gravitas to navigate the university bureaucracy and hierarchy for backing.

´╗┐Innoblue Attempts Entrepreneurial Culture Shift at Penn State

By making the area an entrepreneurship hub, he said, Innoblue can help push the collegiate emphasis away from simply preparing students for jobs and toward how students can build their own jobs.

But where the ranking is good fodder for the university's public image, it's also symbolizes a larger truth at Penn State, undergraduate David Adewumi said.

And, Adewumi said, it's about incorporating a civic minded, community oriented sensibility into entrepreneurship, as well.

And fiscal stability yielded by the university's presence doesn't exactly inspire a lot of immediate, local economic need for fundamental business innovation or change, Adewumi explained. "There's not been as great a need here" for entrepreneurship as there is in other places, he said.

Dear Old State, one way or another, directly or indirectly, tends to look after many of us, after all. It's like a comfortable blanket.

entrepreneurship) to address problems in the community, then it kind of shifts the dynamic of what it means to go to college," said Innoblue co founder Jon Tornetta.

But by and large, Adewumi believes, the Penn State community hasn't seen a tremendous volume of groundbreaking entrepreneurship in the Nittany Valley. At least not when you compare it to other institutions at or near Penn State's international research caliber, such as Stanford and MIT.

So corporate recruiters have called Penn State graduates the best in the country, the ones most able to succeed in corporate workforce once they're hired.

own businesses, it often happens only years later, when the alumni have long since left State College and aren't likely to return to the Nittany Valley as permanent residents.

Against that backdrop, Innoblue is trying to change the business culture in the valley, to make thoughtful entrepreneurship more a central part of the blue and white fabric. Formed as a nonprofit, the student led organization is trying create a vehicle a metaphorical vehicle to encourage entrepreneurial concepts, to give good ideas a collective home and a fighting chance.

To be sure, he said, there are exceptions to the trend. (Adewumi knows the region well he grew up Fendi Dotcom Click Price in State College and has been an entrepreneur himself.)

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Penn State hasn't wasted any time in touting the news. It's in television ads. It's been on the big screens in Beaver Stadium. It's made Penn State Live the university's official news source and President Graham Spanier proudly promoted it during a recent trustees meeting.

fomenting entrepreneurship a process that will last longer than any one student and any one project, Adewumi said.

And if those top tier grads do try to start their Fendi Wallet Barneys

That's one of several trends that has left the Penn State culture at least locally with a relative lack of landmark entrepreneurship over the years, Adewumi said over (non alcoholic) drinks this week.

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