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COBOURG Former Cobourg Daily Star sports reporter Darryl Thompson was born Nov. 25, 1971, on Prince Edward Island.

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Toxicology officer John Paul Palmentier, who works for the Centre for Forensic Sciences in Toronto, examined samples of Thompson's blood and Fendi Bag Styles

Fendi Card Holder Monster Price

To help the process along, Cooke started walking Thompson home.

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She tried to talk to him and wake Fendi Bag Engraving

Cooke left after Jennifer Fendi Card Holder Monster Price Fulford shouted to ask if he wanted her to stay with Thompson. She'd been out walking her dog and seen Thompson lie down.

Fulford smelled the alcohol on him, but assumed there was more to it.

finger in an accident and was on workers' compensation.

"We smoked pot together. and later, when his girlfriend came to pick him up, Thompson was with her. He was intoxicated, and she was obviously aggravated. He told Cooke he had scored some pills.

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He died Aug. 20, 2008, in a holding cell at the Port Hope police station. How that came to be is the subject of an inquest this week in Cobourg.

"I wasn't concerned about his health. I was concerned about his getting picked up by the cops," Cooke said.

They went back to Cooke's apartment, Cooke said, and he talked Thompson into leaving. He'd slept over before, but he'd also burned a hole in their sofa and his girlfriend was unhappy.

Inquest hears of Thompson's last day

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He tried to walk Thompson home, but at one point Thompson made it clear he just wanted to lie down and sleep.

"Pretty much every time I saw him, he was intoxicated," Cooke said.

Thompson settled in Port Hope with his long time girlfriend in the 1990s, but the relationship was doomed because of his issues with substance abuse, Cavion said. The jury heard a similar tale from a subsequent girlfriend, Denise Heaps, who said alcohol was an issue. Thompson had told Heaps he was recovering from an oxycodone addiction and she once witnessed him taking ecstasy.

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"My brother had a long line of drugs in his life, and I helped him come off them a few times," she explained.

For example, Thompson was monitored in his cell through a video set up by civilian dispatcher Kevin Michael Jiggins, who testified that Thompson appeared to be sleeping peacefully. As a civilian, Jiggins was not allowed to be in the cell area. Nowadays, he can call for a police officer to monitor a prisoner physically.

urine. Thompson's alcohol intoxication level was about two and a half times the legal limit, and he also had the drug hydromorphone in his system.

By that time, the paramedics would be summoned and Thompson pronounced dead though, judging from the degree of rigour mortis they found, death could have occurred three to six hours earlier than that.

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He is not a medical professional, Gleason added, and did not realize it might be an emergency.

Paramedic David Rodgers said death could have resulted from this intoxication in several ways stroke, seizure or depression of respiratory function to the point of danger, for example.

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Fendi Card Holder Monster Price

Testimony covered Thompson's actions on Aug. 19, starting with an early afternoon visit to his friend Matthew Cooke to ask where he could score some pills.

Cooke said that Thompson had recently lost the tip of his Fendi Handbag New Arrival

The medical examiner's report found no evidence of significant injury or disease (though he found signs of liver damage due to alcohol abuse). His conclusion was that death was caused by intoxication by alcohol and hydromorphone.

him up. He mumbled his name, but she thought he said Dan.

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They happened to be on the lawn of Steven Gleason, whom the noise woke up. He came outside, recognized Thompson (who'd done work for him before) and made the same assumption, largely because of Thompson's reputation and his own 20 years in the bar and restaurant business.

Intoxication by both substances results in the same symptoms with only one difference: pinpoint pupils caused by hydromorphone, dilation by alcohol. Another difference: alcohol intoxication can only be reversed by time but, in case of emergency with certain drugs and properly trained medical personnel to administer them hydromorphone intoxication can be reversed.

Still, coroner's counsel Lorraine Cavion told the jurors, there's no need to reinvent the wheel. Since 2008, equipment and procedures at the Port Hope police station have been revised.

She called him Dan, rubbed his back and tried to get him to sit up.

The five jurors are charged with hearing the evidence surrounding Thompson's death with a view to making any reasonable and practical recommendations that might be forwarded to the provincial coroner in order to ensure such a thing does not happen again.

Fendi Card Holder Monster Price

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