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A total of 1,103 people cast their votes Tuesday at the three polling places around the city, which is 17 percent of the 6,493 eligible voters living in District 2, 5 and 6.

Chapman, of Fairfield Crest, received 346 votes, 75 percent of the 463 total votes in District 5, securing him a second term on council and a seat back at the table next week. Fendi Handbag Price

be served really well."

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Fendi Diaper Bag Price

Markham, of The Hunt at Louviers, was re elected to a fifth term on council, taking home 250 votes, 62 percent of the 405 total votes cast in District 6. His opponent, Howland Redding, fell short with 155 votes.

the best and I'm looking forward to many years to come."

Ruckle, 42, is a real estate agent who has lived in Stafford since 1996 with his wife, Maria. He also has four children. He attended the University of Delaware, graduated with a degree in criminal justice and worked in check and credit card fraud investigation and child abuse investigation for 14 years before getting involved in real estate in 2001.

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His priorities include establishing a community solar park, bringing back Fendi Diaper Bag Price the Town and Gown Committee and continuing work on improving storm water management, an issue he has been active in for several months.

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"I want to unite the city because truly we are all on the same team," he said. "We are on the city of Newark team."

"We've become really divided in the last year or two, so I'm looking for a paradigm shift to bring us back together as a community," Chapman said.

The fourth seat up for grabs, retiring Councilman Doug Tuttle's District 3 seat, will be filled by Rob Gifford, who ran unopposed.

His challenger, Shirley Wilson, won 117 votes.

Ruckle received 134 votes, 57 percent of the 235 votes in District 2, beating out his opponents Sharon Hughes, who took home 84, and Haig Stubblebine, who captured 17.

"I've really enjoyed the last two years," he said. "There's a lot more work to get done. I've learned a lot in the last 24 months and we're going to put it to work and see how productive we can be in the next 24 months."

"I hope that he will do the same things I would have," he said.

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Chapman said his priorities for his next term include helping make the city run more efficiently and to "continue to update the way we do business."

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He will serve out the remaining year of Jerry Clifton's term. Clifton, who resigned for medical reasons, endorsed Ruckle.

"Jerry's endorsement and Jerry's belief in me had a lot to do with it," he said. "I learned from Fendi Red Clutch

"Todd is a very personable person and he really pushed that he will look at all sides of an issue," Clifton said. "I think the people are going to Fendi Studded Bag

Although he was unsuccessful, he said running for council sparked an interest to "keep an eye on things" and he remains optimistic that Ruckle will listen to the residents and push for transparency.

"Luke and I, we will be seeing each other," she said. "We will chat and we will have coffee. He's already shared that with me."

She and Chapman shared a friendly hug after the results were announced Tuesday night, and Wilson said she plans to stay engaged in the community going forward.

With the recent departures of longtime elected officials Vance A. Funk III, Clifton and Tuttle, Markham is now the most senior member of council and looks forward to providing a guiding hand for the newer members.

At that meeting, the council will vote on several development projects, including an Arena's Deli and Bar proposed for Main Street, a duplex proposed for Ray Street and a plan to raze the historic Newark New Century Club on Delaware Avenue and replace it with office space and apartments. Also on Tuesday's agenda is a proposal to extend the amount of time residents have to clear snow from their sidewalks.

Ruckle said he was feeling "pretty positive" after hearing the results of Tuesday's election and is eager to bring Newarkers "back together" after controversial issues polarized the residents in the past several months.

"It's been a great race," she said.

"We've got to make sure it gets done and gets done right," he said.

He plans to help revamp civic associations in his district as a way to increase communication and cooperation.

Stubblebine said he was disappointed he did not capture more of his district's votes and thanked those who supported him throughout his campaign and at the polls.

New to local government, Ruckle said campaigning was a great experience and he is glad Clifton nudged him to make the run for council.

Wilson said that although she did not win, she enjoyed campaigning and reaching out to residents in her district.

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´╗┐Incumbents Chapman and Markham re

Fendi Diaper Bag Price

Fendi Diaper Bag Price

"When I started, there was someone to help me," he said. "Now I have to do the same thing for this council."

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