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A primary caregiver may provide the patient with marijuana, and the health department issues a card to patients who have prescriptions. Cards must be reissued annually.

This will give county staff time to research the issues and see if the legislature enacts statewide regulations Fendi Phone Case With Legs

The $9.8 million in CDs in which the general fund reserves are invested earn an average of 0.49 percent, the $1.9 million worth of CDs for the road and bridge reserves earn an average of 0.46 percent and the CDs for the solid waste reserves of $1.5 million only 0.31 percent.

Supporters of medical marijuana last week said sometimes it is the best solution to health problems.

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It seemed they were in favor of some kind of regulation, as well as dealing with quality control and security issues, she said.

A handout given to the planning commission last week said the laws do not allow patients to share their marijuana or operate a motor vehicle when under its influence, nor do the laws require employers to accommodate medical use of marijuana in the workplace.

No members of the public showed up for the hearing, but a number of people had come to an earlier hearing held by the Morgan County Planning Commission last week, Gorrell said.

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Colorado voters approved the use and growing of medical marijuana as an amendment to the state constitution in 2000, and legislation supporting Amendment 20 was passed in 2001 and 2003, eliminating criminal penalties and setting up the Medical Program through the health department.

foreclosure during 2009, compared to 138 in 2008, and 14 in January so far.

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Fendi Bags Gold

Having a multi hazard mitigation plan in place is necessary to allow the county to tap into future post disaster funding, he said. These updates happen every three years.

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Fees for foreclosures are up, but that is a mixed blessing, he said. The county saw 230 filings for Fendi Bag Light Blue

Fendi Bags Gold

Interest rates on deposits by the Morgan County government are at an all time low, which was on the agenda for the Board of Morgan County Commissioners Tuesday along with a decision on medical marijuana regulations.

Obviously, earnings are down once again, and the county earned only $24,413 in interest during the last quarter of 2009, Sagel said.

The county puts its $23 million of reserves into treasury bills and certificates of deposit, but they do not earn much right now, Morgan County Treasurer Bob Sagel said during Tuesday board of commissioners meeting.

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´╗┐Interest earnings on county deposits down again

This plan looks at possible disasters Fendi Bags Gold and hazards and how area agencies can respond to events such as tornados and wildfire, and destruction to infrastructure like bridges, said Steve Enfante, Morgan County director of emergency management.

Treasury fees have held pretty steady, Sagel said.

any case, the moratorium approved by Teague and Carlson requires staff to create a full set of regulations before the six months are over, she said. Board Chairman Brian McCracken was absent due to a death in the family.

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These regulations are pretty basic, setting definitions and requiring commercial dispensaries and growing sites to get a permit under special review, said Planning Administrator Barbara Gorrell.

don see that trend changing yet, Sagel said.

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This legislation allows medical marijuana users to possess two ounces of marijuana and grow up to six plants at a time.

Morgan County needed to have regulations in order to have a six month moratorium, Carlson said.

However, the regulations have an exception for individuals using or growing medical marijuana if they have a prescription and a card from the Colorado Department of Health and Environment allowing use, she said.

Releases of deeds of trust when people pay off their home loans are also down, with 1,013 in 2009 compared to 2,426 in 2003 when real estate was booming, he said.

or guidelines, Gorrell said.

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