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He said the resumed inquest could try to establish whether there was a lack of care or a systemic failure, but would not apportion blame to individuals for something they should not, or could not, have done.

"PC Storey told me he passed my dad and chased him down to Hobo Fendi Bags

But members of Mr Haddow's family, who were present, said they had been told by PC Charlie Storey that he had driven past a patrol car the day before he was found dead.

"But he's (Sgt Darling) saying no one saw him.

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Fendi Bags For Sale Online

Fendi Bags For Sale Online

Inquest held up so family can quiz PC

Due to the family believing that Mr Haddow had been seen by police, Mr Armstrong adjourned proceedings to allow PC Storey to attend.

Members of Robert Haddow's family claim they were told the 55 year old, who was reported missing on April 5, was seen in his car and followed by a police officer in the early hours of April 7 the day before he was found dead.

"Why was nothing done?

Northumberland Coroner Eric Armstrong, heard that Mr Haddow was found hanging from a door frame in the kitchen area Fendi Bags For Sale Online of a unit at Station Works, Low Prudhoe, on Monday, April 8.

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Fendi Bags For Sale Online

Fendi Bags For Sale Online

Fendi Bags For Sale Online

Fendi Bags For Sale Online

Mr Armstrong pointed out that there was a limit to what police could do in the case of a missing adult.

"We didn't think his behaviour was that of a normal person."

why wasn't he stopped?" said Mr Haddow's daughter, Kate.

"Is it normal for a 55 year old man to go out gambling and ignore his daughter?" she said.

A post mortem was carried out which found no drugs, or significant levels of alcohol, in his body. The hearing heard the cause of death was hanging.

Low Prudhoe.

Sgt Darling explained that missing person reports were categorised to determine the type of response needed, with missing children given top priority.

"So someone is not telling the truth here."

But Miss Haddow told the hearing she believed her father could have been suffering from a mental illness and had raised this with police.

Sgt Christopher Darling, of Prudhoe Police Station, said there had been various CCTV sightings of Mr Haddow in the Newcastle area after he was reported missing by his partner, Ann Wright.

Sgt Darling said he was not aware of any physical sightings of Mr Haddow, only CCTV recordings. Nor was he aware of any chase.

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An inquest, held in Hexham on Tuesday by South Fendi Iphone 8 Case

His Land Rover and a note were also found at the premises, used as a base for the former Kimberley Coaches business, of which Mr Haddow had been a partner.

"If he was seen, Fendi Peekaboo With Studs

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