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The magazine has step by step instructions on how to make your own Lego soccer robot, how to silence your kids' annoying noisy toys and how to make endless varieties of rockets.

´╗┐Ingeniuity on display at San Mateo Maker Faire

table, which uses computer made designs as a template for carving.

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"When you put rocket and robot people together they start talking about putting rockets into robots and robots into rockets," he adds. "I am just asking people to show up and show what they love doing."

Organizers expect to draw 40,000 people to the San Mateo Event Center for the Maker Faire. Those people will likely ogle at the makers' inventions and pound them with questions as is what tends to happen, say, when someone shows up with a steam engine pieced together from stuff they found around their household workshop.

Tickets to the event are $15 per day for adults, $10 for students 21 and younger and $5 for children 12 and younger. A two day pass is $20 for adults, $15 for students and $5 for children. Parking is $7.

Because We Can designs not only lap desks but furniture and other objects that glisten and delight like flamingo croquet mallets and metal art pieces. They carve out their products with a CNC routing Fendi Bag Latest

Geman, a self professed "puzzle nerd," will display his invention, too.

Fendi Wallet Green

It is a pinball puzzle prototype, made of wood and found household Fendi Monster Bag Amazon

OAKLAND couple Jeffrey McGrew and Jillian Northrup have little in common with Oakland resident Fendi Wallet Green Aaron Geman.

The magazine also features stories on nerd centric subjects such as computer hardware hacking and the secret life of death clouds.

Northrup, a designer and professional Fendi Bags Prices List

The family friendly event is also a place where people will likely conspire to make even more outrageous things once they get into one room with one another, Doughtery says.

Yet the trio share one major trait: They are makers. Otherwise known as inventors and tinkerers, each of these people are part of a growing tribe of folks who like to make stuff. They will be gathering today and Sunday in San Mateo for the second annual Maker Faire, the 21st century Woodstock for designers, gearheads and those who love to see what these people make.

"So we figured, why don't we make our own?" she says.

This year's Maker Faire features more than 400 makers, from garage project gadget hounds to members of the 28 year old San Francisco based robotics art group, Survival Research Laboratories. The people behind Oakland's The Crucible art space will be there and there will be a daily dose of Power Tool Drag Races, in which makers modify bandsaws andsanders, among other tools, and race them down a track.

Along with some of their original furniture, Northrup and McGrew will be showing off their interactive LED coffee tables, a project they collaborated on with someone they met last year at the fair. The tables have different designs and underneath the surface are several LED lights that react to movement. If you brush your hand across the table, the lights will blink and glisten.

Fendi Wallet Green

Other big names to appear at the fair are artists known for their Burning Man projects such as the Flaming Lotus Girls and various art cars. Cyclecide, an interactive bicycle rodeo show type group, will also be there as will the Life Sized Mousetrap, a 25,000 pound kinetic sculpture reminiscent of the children's board game.

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Maker Fair is organized by Make Magazine, a three year old publication dedicated to all sorts of do it yourself projects.

"Not many of us raise animals or things like that anymore but a lot of us are involved in interesting projects," he says. "I wanted a place for people to bring those projects and show them to other like minded people."

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Fendi Wallet Green

Jeffrey McGrew and Jillian Northrup, who call their business Because We Can, have developed a carving technique that they will share at the Maker Faire in San Mateo. (Laura Oda Staff)

"My dream is to be making large public works," says Geman as he opens the Plexiglas cover of the whimsical machine to describe how it functions.

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Fendi Wallet Green

Dale Doughtery, founder of Make and Craft magazines and the Maker Faire, says the fair is a combination of a real life version of the magazine and a county fair with an urban twist.

"It's really exciting to meet other people who are excited about things like this," he says.

Geman moved from Rhode Island to the Bay Area four months ago with a dream to find someone rich enough to afford his $75,000 asking price for a large scale version of his prototype. He just fell into the makers crowd through a contact he made at Google, he says.

Geman is a single guy obsessed with puzzles, living in a live/work space in North Oakland and eschewing a 9 to 5 job while trying to find someone to pay for a large scale version of his as of yet unnamed kinetic puzzle.

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They make it instead.

digital photographer, first became a maker when she decided she wanted a lap desk. She surfed the Internet for the perfect one and came up with models she didn't like.

So they did. They have several models of desks that perch prettily on a user's lap. They are covered in fun fur and can be personalized.

"I think that's a really common thread with makers," McGrew says. "What they wanted didn't exist or they couldn't afford it."

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objects and held together with screws and hot glue. The prototype has three pinballs in it and users pull and twist levers to get the balls to run into a specific part of the track.

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