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Future police services board members will have to publicly inform regional council if they are required to step down because Fendi Tote Bag Monster

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The region's lawyer, Debora Arnold, said the privacy act wouldn't allow council to ask members to waive their privacy rights and giving details about the allegations would also be an invasion of privacy.

In response to concerns about transparency, Coun. Rob Deutschmann introduced a notice of motion asking that regional council be informed about vacancies on the police services board this past September, but police services board chair and regional Coun. Tom Galloway wanted to take it one step further.

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When Denouden was cleared by investigators and allowed to resume her position, her public statement did not provide details of the situation, which was a disappointment to some board members.

´╗┐Increased transparency coming for police services board

Police services board member Jane Brewer and Cambridge Coun. Claudette Millar voted against the recommendation at the administration and finance committee meeting on Tuesday. The decision still Fendi Phone Case Samsung

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The contract only applies to members who are appointed by regional council, not provincial representatives and also not to the chair of regional council, who automatically sits on the board.

Having appointees sign the agreement was prompted by the Ontario Civilian Police Commission's (OCPC) investigation into comments made by police services board vice chair Kim Denouden this summer.

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He suggested that police services board members be asked to waive their privacy rights altogether.

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Council approved the agreement, which incoming police services board members appointed by the region will have to sign, with only two members opposed.

The decision is a compromise position, Galloway said following the meeting.

The public was only made aware of the investigation after it was leaked to the media that Denouden was asked to step down because of comments made to a police staff member this spring.

Although Deutschmann supported the recommendation, he wondered if the agreement couldn't also apply to the chair.

According to the Police Services Act, the board cannot disclose that a member is being investigated by the OCPC or the reason for Fendi Monster Bag Buy the investigation.

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"I will support this proposal. It is a step forward; it's a compromise from my original proposal, but I accept that and I look forward to the improvement in disclosure, the improvement of transparency that we will have from police services board," he said.

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has to be ratified at next week's council meeting.

he said.

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"We'll not have the problem of dancing around and feeling like we should tell what's going on, but not wanting to misstep in case of a legal battle," Galloway said.

of an investigation, but they will not be forced to disclose the reason for the investigation. Council can then decide whether or not to choose a replacement representative.

"At least this is halfway. However unlikely it is that it happens again, in the event that it does, we can disclose publicly that someone has been asked to stand down because of an investigation," Fendi Bag Expensive

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