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Intercytex Limited FY Pretax Loss Widens on R Costs Silica Gel Fiber Wound Dressing, Developed By Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC Scientists, To Provide Rapid Wound Healing

are responsible for many events required to effect good quality wound repair. The HDFs are trapped in the fibrin scaffold for easy delivery onto the wound bed. The matrix is rapidly broken down by enzymes found in the chronic wound fluid to release the cells from the matrix.

has been achieved within the previous guidance of Q2/2008. The trial, which is being conducted in centres across the USA, Canada and UK, is believed to be the first controlled, double blind trial of a cell therapy for treatment of chronic wounds.

Intercytex Group plc (LSE: ICX) the leading developer of regenerative medicine products to restore skin and hair, today announces it has reached its target of 396 patients for enrolment to the pivotal Phase III trial of Fendi Monster Bag Images

Intercytex Limited's Artificial Skin 'Cuts Scarring' Acorda Therapeutics (ACOR) Shares Soar On Positive Drug Results; Positive Data from Second Phase 3 Study of Fampridine SR on Walking Ability in People with Multiple Sclerosis; Company Plans to File New Drug Application (NDA) in First Quarter of 2009Intercytex Limited Starts Skin Graft Substitute Trial Drug May Cut Tremors Associated With Parkinson's, Duke University Medical Center Study Finds

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Intercytex has four products in development:

ICX PRO is a second generation product that has been specifically designed to overcome the shortcomings (storage, preparation and ease of handling) of first generation cell therapy products that have constrained their commercial success. HDFs are the principal cell type found in the human dermis and are responsible for the production of collagen and structural components of skin. It is generally considered that HDFs Fendi Vintage Tote

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Intercytex commenced operations in 2000 and currently employs around 80 staff. In addition to its head office in Cambridge, UK, it has GMP compliant clinical production facility plus research and development laboratories in Manchester, UK. Additional laboratories are located in Boston, US. By their nature, forward looking statements involve risks and uncertainties that may cause actual results to vary from those contained in the forward looking statements. In some cases, you can identify such forward looking statements by terminology such as 'may', 'will', 'could', 'forecasts', 'expects', 'plans', 'anticipates', 'believes', 'estimates', 'predicts', 'potential', 'continue' or similar expressions. A number of factors, including the satisfactory progress of research and development, could cause Intercytex' actual financial condition, results of operations and business achievements/performance to differ materially from the estimates made or implied in such forward looking statements and, accordingly, reliance should not be placed on such statements. Forward projections reflect management's best estimates based on information available at the time of issue and are not a guarantee of future performance. Other than as required by applicable law, Intercytex does not undertake any obligation to update or revise any forward looking information or statements to reflect events or circumstances after the date of this release.

All Intercytex' products are derived from unmodified human cells.

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ICX SKN, being developed as a skin graft replacement in a Phase I extension trial

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ICX PRO (Cyzact), designed to stimulate active repair in chronic wounds in a Phase III trial for venous leg ulcers and a Phase II trial for diabetic foot ulcers

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Fendi Monster Plush Backpack

Intercytex is the leading developer of regenerative medicine products to restore skin and hair. Intercytex uses its fully integrated cell technology platform to develop living, human cell based products at commercially viable scale in attractive markets.

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The term "Intercytex" refers to Intercytex Group plc and its subsidiary undertakings.

The recruitment target Fendi Handbag Overstock

Nick Higgins, CEO of Intercytex, commented:

Discussions are continuing with potential partners regarding distribution rights to ICX PRO.

ICX PRO, which has now been branded as Cyzact, is a topical woundcare product designed to stimulate active wound healing and closure in persistent chronic wounds. It comprises active, allogeneic human dermal fibroblasts (HDFs) embedded in a human fibrin gel matrix which is applied to the wound at regular intervals until healing has occurred. The units are stored and shipped under refrigerated conditions.

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Related News

VAVELTA, a facial rejuvenation and skin damage repair product in Phase II efficacy trials

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ICX TRC, a hair regeneration product in a Phase II trial

´╗┐Intercytex Limited Completes Recruitment for Phase III Trial of ICX PRO

In March this year preliminary data were reported from a Phase II trial of ICX PRO in diabetic foot ulcers. In this study four out of the seven patients who completed the study showed complete or almost complete closure of the wound by 24 weeks. The results of this trial were presented in a poster at the EWMA conference in Lisbon in mid May. Data from the Phase III venous leg Fendi Monster Plush Backpack ulcer trial are expected to be announced around the end of Q1/2009 with filing of the BLA in the second half of that year.

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"Completion of this multinational Phase III trial will be a significant achievement for Intercytex, especially given that we are supplying all product from our manufacturing facility in Manchester. Having reached our recruitment target, we are now in the final stage of the trial and can look forward to announcing the results early next year."

ICX PRO in venous leg ulcers. Recruitment to the trial has therefore ceased.

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