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If you have ever seen the research from the Stanford prison experiment (Zimbardo) then what you are talking about which takes place inside the prison, probably has alot more to do with the nature of the types of people draw to the jobs. It was power plain and simple given to people who don know how to handle power. We just don hear about them as much. They never slept on concrete slabs. None of them were hassled with, and they didn Fendi Card Cases

Fendi Handbag Peekaboo

When asked about prison and the conditions in prison many people do say that some prisons are too posh and should not have all of the features that are available to inmates. Some think that even a television is too much and should not be allowed and that only the basic things should be provided. The food should not be anything fancy just basic bread and water, some think, while others say that the inmates are not animals and although they are incarcerated their nutrition should not be neglected. The health care that prisoners receive is also a testy subject.

I think it does a good job of punishing people, but what do you get when you take a thief and stick him with a bunch of other thieves? Well, all they talk about is the different methods and ways they stole stuff. They learn, gain skills and then think that when they out they certainly won?t get caught due to the new sills they learnt.

Consider the fact that there are many poor people who live in conditions that are far worse than some prisons that exist in the world. If you knew the conditions were better in prison, Fendi Handbag Designers

I just think that the prison system is wrong all together, it Fendi Handbag By The Way

I saw an interesting episode of The Mentalist where a musician who had become homeless confessed to committing a crime even though he was innocent so that he could have shelter and a warm bed for the winter.

There are prisons that have such terrible conditions and there are those that have such luxurious conditions. I think that there are a few that are in between as well but, to answer your main question, imprisonment is generally not enough for some people because people who have had crimes committed against them want the criminal to suffer as much or more than they have. Unfortunately, I don think our punishments fit the crime. A drunk driver is likely to get a stronger sentence than someone who committed armed robbery with an injury involved. How does that make sense? It doesn

hassle. I have never heard of anyone actually being consigned to such. Normally they are pretty small cots, or like the twin roll away beds. They consolidate areas alot so mobility is important. In this particular case, I am not sure it is a matter of being inhumane so much as being protective of the charges in their care.

My perception of things changed once I went to a low security prison, for a school excursion whilst I took on a subject called legal studies. I could not believe that most of Fendi Handbag Peekaboo the prisoners at this facility had Playstations, DVDs, cable television and a personal monthly allowance which they were allowed to use to buy ice creams and chocolates.

Fendi Handbag Peekaboo

Fendi Handbag Peekaboo

flawed in a major way.

would you commit a crime so that you could go there?

I suppose it is the view of some that if innocent people have to live in worse conditions in everyday life why should the guilty be more comfortable than they? And why should tax payers pay for their comfort?

Fendi Handbag Peekaboo

Fendi Handbag Peekaboo

Fendi Handbag Peekaboo

Fendi Handbag Peekaboo

´╗┐imprisonment punishment enough

Fendi Handbag Peekaboo

Fendi Handbag Peekaboo

Who rules what a privilege is or not?

Psychology Do you believe the role of punishment in society has more to do with rehabilitation to make. Not all prisons are the same, where prisoners are denied the right to basic privileges.

Fendi Handbag Peekaboo

What are the sentence limits for 2nd degree assault and false imprisonment in maryland? After breaking a protection order an individual is charged with trespassing. two charges of.

A lot of people in my class were upset when they heard about all of these privileges, but I explained to everyone that these prisoners did not have their freedom, which is the most important thing to a person.

Fendi Handbag Peekaboo

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