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Where: Media center at Nashua High School South

"In terms of mobile connectivity, the digital divide does not really apply anymore," he said.

While technology may be driving innovation, Sarah Marandos, a technology integration specialist for the Nashua School District, believes all the computers in the world won't do any good without the creativity and ingenuity of educators.

Walking around his classroom at Windham High School, science teacher Patrick Kaplo tallied the answers to a question about circuit theory as they came into his iPad.

"The gadget becomes the victory rather than the actual change in learning process and outcomes," Horn said.

Now knowing the students hadn't picked up on the lesson, Kaplo went over it again.

Technology can be used to reach both high end learners and students who have struggled, she said.

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The advantage for teachers? It gives them real time results and it keeps the students engaged.

"Teachers realize they need to prepare students for the digital world," she said.

Who: Panelists at the community discussion include: Mark Conrad, superintendent of Nashua schools; Maureen Patt, third grade teacher at Broad Street Elementary School; Mark Detering, science teacher at Nashua High School South; Davind Chauvette, director of the Academy for Science and Design charter school in Merrimack; Todd DeMitchell, Fendi Bags Winter 2017

"It's manageable for the teacher, it's exciting for the kids and it enhances the learning experience," she said.

head of the education department at the University of New Hampshire; and Sarah Marandos, technology integration specialist, Nashua School District. The discussion will be moderated by Michael Brindley.

When examining innovation in the classroom, it's impossible to ignore technology. Whether it's working with students to create digital portfolios or using sites such as Moodle to bring the class online, teachers are increasingly looking to technology to improve the learning experience and student achievement.

Later in the same quiz, Kaplo asked a different question. Every student got it right, so he moved on.

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Marandos also worked with Audley to help explore the possibilities of Poll Everywhere. Schools traditionally have implemented strict policies against using cellphones, but Marandos said it's foolish to ignore the fact that Fendi Mini Handbag most students are walking around with small computers in their pockets.

With cost in mind, some schools look to partnerships with outside organizations to make their innovation happen.

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Depending on the lesson, students can also text in narrative answers to open ended questions.

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"It becomes a running blog as we're discussing Fendi Dotcom Click Review

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"Only 10 percent of the class answered that correctly," Kaplo said. "We just went over this."

Taking advantage of the devices students are already bringing to the classroom, similar to Audley's use of cellphones, is also effective, Horn added. Surveys have shown assumptions that minority students are less likely to have cellphones or Internet connections have been proven false, he said.

The advantage for the students? They're using technology they own and are comfortable with.

It's that second part no cost that makes innovation like this possible for teachers such as Audley who are constantly exploring ways to use technology to enhance learning.

´╗┐innovation go hand in hand in the classroom

a topic," Audley said.

works with teachers to introduce more technology in their classrooms. She recently worked with an English teacher who used a site called Glogster to work with students on designing digital posters. The students are able to embed video, find content and publish the final products to the Web.

Technology has helped schools redefine the role of teachers from a person just delivering information to playing the role more as a mentor and a motivator, Horn said. It can also help cut costs, particularly through the use of online learning, he said.

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Using a Web based program called Poll Everywhere, Audley, a social studies teacher at Nashua High School South, has students in his class use their cellphones to text in their answers to problems. In seconds, their answers are tabulated and come up on the overhead screen at the front of the class.

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And most important, Marandos said she and other teachers keep costs in mind, making use of the plethora of free sites and programs out there. Marandos and Audley are waiting to hear about a grant application to buy iPod touches for his classroom.

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"It twists the use of the cellphone into the class," Audley said while sitting in his classroom earlier this month. "The best part? It doesn't cost a dime."

"Teachers are still doing the innovation," Marandos said. "The technology is just helping them get there."

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