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"With its alumni network and academic assets, Siena College Karlito Phone Case Fendi

Fendi Handbags Sale

The business incubator program allows Siena to further deliver on the expectations employers like Bank of America, Ernst Young, New York Stock Exchange, New York State Office of the Comptroller, Albany Medical Center and Nestle USA have on graduates.

Fendi Handbags Sale

"New employers are signing up almost daily with multiple job listings," he said. "The volume of listings has already far exceeded what had been anticipated with 120 postings during the first week."

The free to post website allows people to search for internship and volunteer opportunities and look through categories such as commercial and residential real estate, apartments and home rentals.

"Entrepreneurship" and "New Venture Creation" are expected to depend on the incubator Mello said so that students can gain real world experience.

has the ability to significantly influence the growth initiative of the Tech Valley region and beyond," Hickey said. "I am excited that my background and experience as an executive can help the team."

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The two courses Fendi Roma Roll Bag

Naturally, the College Career Center will be working closely with students who participate in the business incubator program. Both the faculty advisor in the student's major and the staff in career services handle specific job related advising. "All practical experience at Siena, including the incubator program, allows students to 'test the waters' without risk while building their resumes," Mello said.

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Fendi Handbags Sale

For now, students are being recruited at all class levels including freshmen. The only requirement to be enrolled is to have an interest in learning about how a new business is conceptualized, created and launched.

"Its main purpose is to provide internship and both part time and permanent employment opportunities to Fendi Handbags Sale existing students that will be closely tied in to their academic coursework," said Dean of the School of Business Dr. Jeffrey Mello. "The involvement of our faculty, administrators and alumni will assist students in promoting their ideas to prospective investors."

Adjacent to Siena's new residence hall, the business incubator has its own office with a Fendi Monster Backpack Red

The Department of Management and Marketing has already made use of the incubator program; the dean and executive in residence, local entrepreneur Michael Hickey, a 1983 Siena graduate who was president of Pitney Bowes Business Insight, formerly MapInfo, will oversee the operations of the incubator program.

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The website has already generated revenue from advertising, gaining traction in the commercial real estate field.

´╗┐Incubator encourages ideas

Two other full time faculty members are currently working with students. A half dozen more faculty members have expressed interest in becoming involved as well as the departments of accounting and computer science.

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LOUDONVILLE Siena College recently opened the business incubator program, offering students the opportunity to start their own businesses while in school, build on their resumes, gain experience and become exposed to working at different organizations.

"Students cannot receive formal academic credit for an internship until they have senior status but any student can engage in incubator activities as paid non credit internships as well as class projects in concert with faculty or as independent studies (for credit)," Mello said."School of Business faculty and alumni have been successful entrepreneurs, bankers and executives and have extensive professional networks/contact which could benefit entrepreneurs," Mello said.

phone and a fax line in Colbeth Hall, where the faculty of the School of Business resides. The new residence hall has meeting and conference rooms that the incubator will utilize. "We anticipate that, in time, as the project grows that larger office space will be needed and provided," Mello said.

With a strong alumni base, other alums have contacted the School of Business about start up venture capital and other projects for possible business, Mello said.

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