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PHOTOS: Craig Souza's mug shots

Souza was not considered a threat to public safety while he was on the lam for 17 hours.

VIDEO: Phil Gomez interviews Craig Souza

A corrections officer who was monitoring the door via a security camera opened the door for Souza, and he walked free.

Souza said he escaped because he wanted to see his wife again. The escapee said he was worried about what his frequent stints behind bars was doing to his marriage.

Souza may have successfully Fendi Orange Card Holder

"I want everyone to know that I did it for love,"Souza said.

"This inmate is what we call a frequent flyer here," jail spokesman Jeremy Verinsky said. "He gets arrested on a regular basis."

While he was left in the jail's seating area Monday, Souza walked to the jail's staff exit door and pushed the buzzer, sheriff's Fendi Clutch Price deputy April Skalland Handbags Fendi 2016

slipped away because he is well Fendi Bags Winter 2016

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acquainted with the building at 259 Water Street he's been booked into the Santa Cruz County Jail 21 times before. After the past 24 hours, his total up to 23.

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Craig Souza, 34, of Santa Cruz, escaped while he was being booked into the jail on Monday night.

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KSBW's Phil Gomez interviewed Souza as he turned himself in to detectives on Tuesday.

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An inmate escaped from Santa Cruz County Main Jail for the first time in nearly a decade after he rang a door buzzer.

His criminal history includes nonviolent drug offenses and theft. His latest run in with police happened because he was squatting in an empty house and gave a fake name to officers, Verinsky said.

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´╗┐Inmate says he escaped from Santa Cruz jail because of love

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