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Fendi Face Tote

A drug that recently made national headlines when a Florida man believed to be under its influence chewed off a homeless man face is becoming more popular in the Big Country.

up to 302. And by May 2011, there had been more than 2,200 calls.

´╗┐Increase in bath salts overdoses seen in Big Country

people come in and are typically very combative, very agitated, he said. require one on one nursing care, additional security, and they have to be restrained and sedated so they don harm themselves or the medical staff. salts, which are unregulated and largely unstudied, appear particularly dangerous because of the side effects, Cochran said.

anyone sees someone with a change in behavior, rapid weight loss, an inability to sleep or psychotic symptoms like talking to themselves or hallucinating, they should seek help for that person, he said.

Because common field test kits, drug sniffing dogs and routine urine tests are not able to detect synthetic cathinones, enforcement officials are challenged in interdicting such drugs and prosecuting their manufacturers and distributors, the NDIC report stated.

Fendi Face Tote

Fendi Face Tote

Fendi Face Tote

Bath salts, which also are marketed as food (often with the warning label for human consumption are a synthetic cathinone.

drug takes a long time to metabolize, so it stays in someone system a long time. I had one guy who was basically 'out to lunch for a week, and the high probably only lasted a couple of hours, he said.

Fendi Face Tote

The Abilene Police Department has had a handful of cases sent to the Department of Public Safety laboratory for testing, said Lt. Shain Burks, commander of APD Special Operations Division.

In 2010, that number was Fendi Handbags Discount

Fendi Face Tote

Fendi Face Tote

The drug which is ingested through smoking, snorting or injecting has become an issue Fendi Face Tote at the hospital, Cochran said, because of the resources required to treat those who abuse it.

products are being created by 'chemists tweaking molecules in a chemical structure, often with unexpected and tragic results. Producers are not required to have any quality control or inspection of the premises used to manufacture the product, Fendi Tote Blue

Burks said. containing these chemicals may have varied concentrations of the substances from one purchase to the next, so a user will never know exactly what reaction to expect. said because of the dangers of the drug including the permanent brain damage that Fendi Monster Bag Buy

seen young people with no known psychiatric history come in in full blown psychosis talking to themselves, seeing things, he said. had one man come in who had been on a three day binge. He was basically awake for three days. He was very combative; he was hallucinating. He looked like someone possessed. effects linger long after the temporary euphoria wears off.

Cases involving bath salts a synthetic derivative of cathinone that delivers a high similar to that of methamphetamine have increased in recent months, said Dr. Cochran, one of about 11 physicians who serve in the trauma center at Hendrick Medical Center.

can occur he would encourage people to stay away from the drug and would encourage anyone using the drug to seek help

Most of the cases he sees are overdoses, Cochran said. There are likely more people using the drug than wind up needing hospitalization. He mentioned an Internet forum where drug users share their experiences with different drugs. One person wrote that while intoxicated on bath salts, he had insatiable urge to use more and more of the stuff, which may lead some users to overdose.

Fendi Face Tote

The abuse of bath salts has been on the rise nationally. Department of Justice National Drug Intelligence Center, there were zero calls to poison control centers for bath salts in 2009.

Cathinone is a naturally occurring stimulant found in the Catha edulis plant, which is popular in the Horn of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Its leaves are chewed for their stimulant effect.

Fendi Face Tote

Fendi Face Tote

Fendi Face Tote

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