Fendi Monster Tote Bag Nylon

Fendi Monster Tote Bag Nylon

"Naperville has a pretty large Asian population," Foiles said.

Fendi Monster Tote Bag Nylon

Fendi Monster Tote Bag Nylon

And the bat is shaped more like a long flat paddle. Each set of six pitches is called an "over" and there are 25 overs per side. Matches usually last four to five hours with hundreds of runs scored. In professional cricket tournaments, matches can last days with regularly scheduled tea breaks, Foiles said.

Cricket hasn't caught on in the United States. In Naperville, however, nine teams compete against each other throughout the summer in what may be the country's only park district cricket league, said program manager Gary Foiles.

Most players in the Naperville league have roots in India and Pakistan although there have been a few British and Australians who have participated since the league started five years ago.

Fendi Monster Tote Bag Nylon


Fendi Monster Tote Bag Nylon

Fendi Monster Tote Bag Nylon

When the pitch as the cricket field is called was built, clubs and teams raced to schedule time for matches, he said. It became clear that an organized league would be needed and five teams were formed. More were added, but with only one pitch and lengthy matches, only eight teams can play each weekend.

"It's more than a game. It's a religion in India," said Raja Korapati, who plays for the Cardinals cricket team and was quick to point out that India won the 2011 Cricket World Cup beating out Sri Lanka with a dramatic finish in early April.

for the 2012 season.

Anyone interested in playing cricket with the Naperville Park District can contact Foiles at (630) 848 3536. Teams for this year are set, although occasionally new members are added mid season. But next year the league will expand by up to nine Fendi Monster Tote Bag Nylon teams, which gives plenty of time for budding cricket novices to research the rules and learn the lingo.

As youth soccer teams bring weekend crowds to Commissioners Park in Naperville, a group of adults stands out in white pants and shirts, the traditional garb of cricket.

(Photos: Cricket grows more popular in Naperville)

Fendi Monster Tote Bag Nylon

The game has baseball like elements with a pitcher, batter and fielders. But that's where the similarities end. Instead of four bases, the batter runs back and forth between two lines Fendi Iphone 5c Case

´╗┐increasingly popular summer pastime

called "creases" that also have "stumps" that look like three pieces of wood stuck in the ground.

Cricket has a 500 year history reaching in England, and as the British Empire expanded, so did its Fendi Anna Handbag

Fendi Monster Tote Bag Nylon

"This is a very famous game in India," he said. "From my childhood I am playing."

Fendi Monster Tote Bag Nylon

Vijay Korapati, who is Cardinals team captain, said cricket is more than just a game for anyone who has lived in India.

Fendi Monster Tote Bag Nylon

"For me, playing in the league is important," said Mayank Patel of Plainfield, who came to the United States from India in 2000 and joined the league four years ago. "It's a passion. I sacrifice going to other functions for the game."

A second pitch is under construction in Nike Park on the north side of Naperville so more teams will be added Fendi Phone Case Iphone 7

Fendi Monster Tote Bag Nylon

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