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Leaves are green because of the chemical chlorophyll, which powers photosynthesis. As sunlight fades in fall, trees stop replenishing chlorophyll as an efficiency measure.

which is likely to cause problems for maple trees, and invasive insects, which may one day wipe out our ash trees.

If true, that will be good news. Last year was a disappointing foliage season due to weather patterns and a fungus outbreak, plus road damage from Hurricane Irene Fendi Mini Peekaboo Monster Bag

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but biologically is something of a puzzle. It's not entirely clear why the red color exists; Fendi Tote Ebay maybe it's leaf sunscreen, or maybe it helps leaves hold moisture in the cold, or maybe something else.

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Leaf peeping can be affected by rainfall patterns during the summer, temperature patterns in August and September, and cloud cover on the day you head out (bright sunshine makes even a lousy leaf season look pretty good).

That uncertainty is partly why predicting the leaf peeping season in advance isn't straightforward.

The green fades, allowing yellows and golds lurking beneath the green to take over.

New Hampshire certainly hopes it is excellent and not just for aesthetic reasons. Foliage tourism is big business: The state has estimated that 7.9 million people will visit this fall and spend about $1.07 billion.

The big uncertainty is, course, weather.

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The correct word is "usually," however, because foliage season is hard to predict.

For the time being, however, the state's web based map, which is also available through smartphone apps this year, gives a guide, showing approximate progression of leaves turning color.

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The process is chemically straightforward Fendi Monster Wallet On Chain

´╗┐in the woods and on New Hampshire's foliage website

Then there's the question of climate change, Fendi Peekaboo Orange

in the North Country also kept people away.

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One is stable the annual change in daylight hours while other factors are changing but slowly, including soil chemistry that is altered by acid rain and other pollution.

The autumnal chemistry of deciduous leaves also depends on several factors.

Fall is officially here, in the woods and on the Web: The state has launched its online leaf peeper tracker in what it says is likely to be an excellent foliage season.

The red color in some trees comes from different chemical anthocyanin whose production is more dependent on weather.

No such problems have cropped up this year. The weather this summer has left many streams flowing perilously low, but the dry conditions have been just the sort that usually leads to a spectacular fall.

Leaves change color as part of trees' preparation for winter. The flat broad surface of deciduous leaves take so much damage from cold and ice that it's better to drop them as fall arrives and grow new ones in spring. (The thin needles of evergreens take less winter damage and usually stay on all year.)

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