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Other measures will include better securing offices when the building is open for nighttime meetings, adding bulletproof glass to windows and doors and requiring employees to wear identification badges.

"We'll have some decisions to make come budget time," Houck said.

The changes were first suggested after a security review by Newark Police officers several years ago, Houck said. A United States marshal recently conducted a separate review of Alderman Court's security, but the results have not yet been given to city officials.

The move will not affect visitors to the police station or Alderman's Court, which both have their own check in booths.

Fendi New Handbags 2017

Fendi New Handbags 2017

on the need for visitors to enter the main part of the building. Residents will be able to take care of some routine business, such as dropping off payment for a bill, directly at the station.

Fendi New Handbags 2017

Fendi New Handbags 2017

Fendi New Handbags 2017

in security.

Fendi New Handbags 2017

Fendi New Handbags 2017

The security booth is expected to be functional by May and will be staffed by current city hall receptionists, not security guards, Houck said. It was funded by a $25,000 federal homeland security grant.

Eventually, officials hope, the ID badges will be used in place of keys to allow entry to the building, but that feature Fendi New Handbags 2017 has not yet been funded.

Fendi New Handbags 2017

´╗┐Increased security planned for Newark Municipal Building

Fendi New Handbags 2017

Fendi New Handbags 2017

She acknowledged the changes might take some getting used to for visitors.

will also cut down Fendi Monster Fur Backpack Black Multi

City Manager Carol Houck said the changes have been discussed for several years, but were put on hold due to financial limitations. The availability of grant money, as well as the recent courthouse shooting in Wilmington, brought the issue to the forefront, she said.

"We're trying to get an understanding of who's coming into the building," Houck said. "Right now, we don't know who's here on a daily basis."

Construction began late last month to accommodate the added measures in the South Main Street building, which houses city offices, Alderman's Court and the Newark Police Department.

"Not everyone will like it, but it's necessary," Houck said, while also noting that no specific threats or incidents at city hall prompted the increase Fendi Bags Online

The security station which Houck said she would rather refer to as a "welcome station" Fendi Backpack Price

The most visible change will be the addition of a security station in the lobby of city hall, outside of the door to council chambers. All visitors will be required to sign in and show identification before gaining entry to city offices.

Fendi New Handbags 2017

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