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"Look at Bronstein, and look at the neighborhood," Mayor Donnalee Lozeau said. "It's clear to anybody that drives by Bronstein that it's a housing project. It's fenced in. It's built out of concrete. It screams 'projects,' and I think that stigmatizes the people that live there. If you turn your back to Bronstein and look at the rest of the neighborhood, I think it tells you it's a mixed income neighborhood."

"It is the case in most places, at least, that there is an initial resistance to high density housing, which almost all of this housing needs to be on some level in order for it to be economically valuable," Caselden said.

The $26 million project will bring 109 units of mixed income apartments to the downtown by 2014, split between market priced units and units affordable to those making between 50 and 80 percent of the median area income.

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´╗┐income housing in Nashua goal of experts

The newspaper will explain in greater detail the proposal to remove the Bronstein complex and how those families will find new housing within the city.

Berry, who has been Fendi Handbag Clearance

"It's kind of a closed circle," he said. "They like to work with people who they've experienced in the past, that understand the intricacies of the process. The average guy needs a very large staff of professionals that can work through the labyrinth of not only the application, but through all the agencies that you need to work with to do something like this."

And for the developer's part, even with the funding source in hand, the road to completing a low income housing project is steep, with a payoff that is years sometimes decades down the road.

"I think it won't be easy," Elliott Berry, managing attorney for New Hampshire Legal Assistance, said of the proposal to demolish Bronstein Fendi Large Clutch and relocate its residents to new neighborhoods. "With a lot of determination and a lot of luck, everybody may end up on their feet."

John Stabile, the Nashua developer behind Cotton Mill Square, said the tax credits are hard to come by.

In addition, The Telegraph plans to explore new forms of journalism in the series, including a partnership with a freelance journalist named Livia Gershon, who lives and is raising a family of her own just blocks from the Bronstein complex.

The Telegraph also has started a Facebook group as an open forum to discuss issues at and surrounding the complex.

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The vision driving the plan to tear down the Bronstein Apartments is to create more mixed income neighborhoods in the city and to provide more opportunities for some of the community's poorest residents.

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"There's limited funds," he said. "And until recently, the nonprofits have been the main users of low income tax credits here in the state of New Hampshire."

"It's a long, arduous process, and you have to be very patient," Stabile said. "And there's large up front financial commitments with no guarantees."

Read comment sections of The Telegraph's Beyond Bronstein series if you want to see whether Nashua is home to some of that opposition.

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Even when policymakers agree that mixed income neighborhoods are the blueprint for healthier communities, there is no single path to achieve economic integration, and no guaranteed formula that ensures dismantling overcrowded housing projects will have a successful outcome.

More communities are taking an approach similar to Nashua's and exploring alternatives to having low income housing grouped in one area. Department of Housing and Urban Development may be open to new ideas.

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He's seen suburbs resist the building of smaller, affordable housing developments with "fierce local opposition" in their neighborhoods, followed by lawsuits challenging zoning ordinances to get them done.

he was frequently turned down, he said.

Bill Caselden, owner of Great Bridge Properties LLC, which builds affordable to moderate income housing in the state, has seen it, too.

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Many people have pointed to the new Cotton Mill Square development as a model of mixed income housing that could be available for people relocating out of Bronstein.

involved with regional affordable housing issues for more than 35 years, has seen the obstacles that come with dispersing low income housing tenants into higher income communities.

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changing," said Kerrie Diers, executive director the Nashua Regional Planning Commission. "Communities have realized you need a mix and a choice of different options for housing and jobs and business to be in close proximity to each other to be really successful."

The series will culminate with a community discussion about mixed housing and how a city such as Nashua can begin to erode the barriers of income for some of its residents.

In years past, when Stabile tried to utilize low income housing tax credits for other projects, Fendi Bag Styles

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Perhaps most importantly, the series will invite you into the homes of Bronstein families through stories and videos. Some have lived there longer than others, and all of them have opinions about the place they call home.

"Without that resource, without that incentive, the private sector we entice to build the projects would not be there, and housing doesn't get built," Caselden said of the low income housing tax credit program. "It certainly provides some good, but it can't be looked at as something that would replace public housing units."

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"People in nicer neighborhoods tend to get all riled up when they hear that housing that's specifically directed to lower income people is going to get built," Berry said.

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Getting low income housing projects approved in a community and securing the tax credits to finance them are the two major challenges developers face when looking to build more housing, said Bill Caselden, owner of Great Bridge Properties LLC.

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