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NORTH GREENBUSH Don't be surprised if the league scores at Burden Lake Country Club or the UAlbany women's golf team are better this season. Even in the frigid winter, the players had a lot of practice.

Another indoor spot that is getting more attention is Oak Ridge Golf Clubs in Schenectady. Its swing analyzer and launch monitor uses Doppler radar to read launch angle, swing speed, ball spin, energy transfer, and distance.

"It's just nice getting out and swinging the clubs this time of year," said Steve Giuliano, who runs "Premier Party Rentals Catering" in Troy. "I can bring my father here. He's 82 so it's tough for him to walk on a regular course. Here, you have a perfect lie every time. My father can play a par 3 or play Pebble Beach, even."

Fendi Peekaboo With Strap

´╗┐Indoor golf a a major hit

"It's a great place for the beginner to come in and learn without the pressures of people pushing them," Tarkleson said. "You can play at own pace."It's never too hot, too cold, too rainy, too buggy or too dark to play inside," he said.

Fendi Peekaboo With Strap

difference is if you're a sweeper, you get the proper yardage," Shafer said. "If you're a digger, you're going Fendi Dotcom Bag Review

Even if that doesn't happen, Tarkleson said there is still plenty to do. Fendi Forever Hobo

Fendi Peekaboo With Strap

Indoor simulators are nothing new to the golf industry, but the latest versions by "aboutgolf" are state of the art. Among the spots they are used locally are Route Fore, the new Dick's Sporting Goods at Crossgates Mall, and at "Tark's Indoor Golf Club" in Saratoga Springs.

to be short."

Fendi Peekaboo With Strap

"The only Fendi Studded Monster Clutch

The simulators will still be running, he will be teaching and club fitting.

Marco Shafer has played indoor golf at Fendi Peekaboo With Strap the local OTB and at a facility in Amsterdam, but calls the newest versions "top of the line."

Fendi Peekaboo With Strap

"It drew the business in here like crazy," said player and part time Route Fore employee Tony Farina.

"Usually you sit around all winter wondering what it's going to be like to play in the spring," said golfer Bruce Nagel. "Now, you get a chance to be abused."

Former Saratoga Golf Polo Club head golf pro Kent Tarkleson and his wife Sandy opened shop last November, acting on an idea they'd had for the past ten years. Tark's had plenty of league play over the winter as well, from the Knights of Columbus to Ballston Spa CC.

Fendi Peekaboo With Strap

The owners of Route Fore gauged opinion from area clubs to see if there would be an interest and almost immediately, leagues that played on Wednesday or Thursday afternoon converted from the hills and grass at BLCC to the snow outdoors and mats indoors of North Greenbush. One week in February, the big red barn stayed open till midnight three nights.

"The last three winters here were slow, painful. I aged years," said Route Fore manager Spyder Wilson. "Now the days are longer but the time goes by faster, if that makes any sense."

Fendi Peekaboo With Strap

So, with Gerry Wright's "Dream Weaver" or the Rolling Stones "Sympathy for the Devil" playing in the background, golfers were able to tee it up in the pro shop and choose from more than 30 world famous golf courses. They hit from mats with a ball that is covered with tiny sensors for the camera to pick up and translate the smack of the ball from club to screen.

"A lot of new faces," Wilson said. "It's busy all the time."

Fendi Peekaboo With Strap

Fendi Peekaboo With Strap

Fendi Peekaboo With Strap

It wasn't on a trip to a warmer climate to improve their game. It was a trip to the Route Fore Golf Center where the players were regulars at the new PGA Tour Simulators installed late last fall.

Fendi Peekaboo With Strap

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